Here’s a five minute tip which can boost your organic rankings: remove duplicate pages in the search engines by handling your own URL cannonicalization.

A chracter encoding software bug produced this “handwritten” message.

A mysql upgrade scrambled quote characters across this blog. This technical post explains the fix. Off topic — not a marketing post.

I’m a big fan of scattering great books around the office. It’s a cheap way to circulate fantastic ideas. Here are three outstanding books to toss into the IT bat-cave: Software Engineering For Internet Applications, Joel on Software, and Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age.

HistoryCrumbs are a line of links atop a webpage showing the last 8 pages visited.

Ajax permits entire new online metaphors, and will revolutionize online retail. Four sites worth checking out for ideas: Allurent, YesNoMayB, Shopify, and Wufoo.

While there’s no perfect software development methodology, if adopting a better methodology could offer even a slight improvement in a IT project’s likelihood of success and/or speed, that’s of interest to the online retail crowd.

Stephens and Rosenberg’s attack against pure XP is on-target and really funny.

Preventing SQL injection isn’t all that hard — yet 11% of sites haven’t got it right yet.

A quick hack to get WP admin privileges if you have a root password for the relevant server

Jeremy Keith’s “Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model” is really decent.

I’m pleased to see Yahoo taking a more open approach to their paid search relaunch.

We’re proud to support YAPC::NA.

The CSS train is here. Get on board.