Google advocates for test driven development, no matter where an engineer sits.

Google missed renewing, and so lost control of their German domain for several hours. If this can happen to the leading firm on the web, it can happen to you.

Here’s a five minute tip which can boost your organic rankings: remove duplicate pages in the search engines by handling your own URL cannonicalization.

A chracter encoding software bug produced this “handwritten” message.

A mysql upgrade scrambled quote characters across this blog. This technical post explains the fix. Off topic — not a marketing post.

I’m a big fan of scattering great books around the office. It’s a cheap way to circulate fantastic ideas. Here are three outstanding books to toss into the IT bat-cave: Software Engineering For Internet Applications, Joel on Software, and Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age.

HistoryCrumbs are a line of links atop a webpage showing the last 8 pages visited.

Ajax permits entire new online metaphors, and will revolutionize online retail. Four sites worth checking out for ideas: Allurent, YesNoMayB, Shopify, and Wufoo.

While there’s no perfect software development methodology, if adopting a better methodology could offer even a slight improvement in a IT project’s likelihood of success and/or speed, that’s of interest to the online retail crowd.

Stephens and Rosenberg’s attack against pure XP is on-target and really funny.

Preventing SQL injection isn’t all that hard — yet 11% of sites haven’t got it right yet.

A quick hack to get WP admin privileges if you have a root password for the relevant server

Jeremy Keith’s “Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model” is really decent.

I’m pleased to see Yahoo taking a more open approach to their paid search relaunch.

We’re proud to support YAPC::NA.

The CSS train is here. Get on board.