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May 01 2014

Video: What to Do with Status Error Codes

I 201'd this video so I could talk through a variety of error codes, including some you may have already encountered and some you may have never seen before (and wouldn't want to).

Apr 03 2014

Video: Avoid these Pagination 'Gotchas'

In this video, I speak to three of the most commonly reported causes of unintentional duplication that occur during the setup of pagination, and what you can do to fix these troublesome 'gotchas.'

Sep 27 2013

Video: A Primer On Using Rel Tags

Learn about how and when to use the various rel tags including rel=”author”, rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x” and rel=”canonical”.

Jun 12 2013

Video: Responsive Design for Mobile SEO

Responsive design can be a great solution for mobile websites, but not always. Learn about the pros and cons.