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Jul 12 2012

Is Google Biased Against Small Businesses?

The narrative goes that Google is making life hard for SEOs with the intent of biasing results in favor of big businesses (read: big advertisers) at the expense of small businesses. Is this valid criticism?

Jul 10 2012

RKG Digital Marketing Report: Q2 2012 Released

Announcing the RKG Digital Marketing Report for Q2 2012. Google search spend growth slows as it moves to cash in on comparison shopping.

Jul 02 2012

Performance Based Pricing: A New Twist

A raft of relatively new vendors are pitching a 'new' way to do website conversion optimization that appears to be a no risk proposition for the advertiser. Is it?

Jun 28 2012

Paying More for adCenter Brand Terms? Here's Why

RKG data suggests that Yahoo's reported paid search revenue gains have been driven by higher CPCs on brand terms.