For better or worse, this is where online retail is heading, and your marketing and merchandising teams will benefit from being there at the beginning.

We’re hiring engineers.

Tonight I opted out of several catalog mailing lists to reduce excess mail; none suggested email.

Interesting animations of Walmart & Target geographic expansion.

Two excellent posts about incrementality and matchbacks.

Last week we transferred our FeedBurner account to Google and encountered some problems. This post discusses the bug fix in specific, and Feedburner in general.

Our RSS subscriber counts are down 50% and our reach numbers down 60% after migrating from Feedburner to Google. Is this real, or a tracking hiccup?

The end of an experiment.

Anyone else noticing a sharp increase in unsolicited B2B email?

The fate of many retailers in ’09 will rest on how they’ve chosen to manage their balance sheets.

Fast easy-to-use systems get used more often.

Amazon’s fufillment system is mind-bogglingly good. So good, I only notice it when buying elsewhere.

My pro-rata portion of the proposed $800b stimulus plan is $2,650. Yours is, too.

We’d welcome JCP customer relations to our blog to describe how to reach JCP customer service.

“An entire generation of web analytics experts are being trained by Google to analyze business exactly the way Google wants your business to be analyzed.”

Some retailers are having a very very tough time. Other retailers are seeing growth. The situation is quite mixed.

One day isn’t an entire retail season, but I thought it interesting to compare CyberMonday 2008 to 2007.

Yesterday Google announced SearchWiki, allowing Google users to customize their search results.

Wise words from Paul Kedrosky. recommends discounting and free shipping for Thanksgiving. But when all retailers adopt this strategy, nobody gains share and everybody loses margin.

An excellent powerpoint giving technical background on some newer approaches for websites attacks..

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit narrowed what can be patented as an abstract business method.

As November begins, the situation has become bleaker.

J. Crew responds to the Tonight Show.

Sequoia Capital’s powerpoint on the economic crisis, allegedly leaked.