Announcing the RKG Digital Marketing Report for Q3 2012. The latest data and analysis of marketing trends for paid search, SEO, comparison shopping engines, social, attribution and more.

It’s no secret that Microsoft adCenter has made a number of changes over the last year or two that have brought its search ad product closer in line with “industry standard”, i.e. Google AdWords. Now it appears that adCenter is testing their own version of Google’s Product Listing Ads.

Bing’s Other Ideas links under the ad listings seem like they could hold value, but they have a few of us here at RKG scratching our heads.

Taking another page out of Google’s book, we are now starting to see merchant ratings as an extension to Bing paid search ads.

Announcing the latest RKG Digital Marketing Report for Q1 2012. Google’s lead over Bing/Yahoo! widens even as the CPCs it commands continue to decline.

Even our engineers can’t anticipate everything!

Today we released the RKG Digital Marketing Report for the fourth quarter of 2011, offering data and analysis for paid search, SEO, Facebook advertising and more.

Could Google, who reaps the lion’s share of paid search spend from American advertisers, see its revenue grow 33% year over year if overall paid search spending declined by over 14% as Kantar Media reported?

Paid search remained resilient in Q3, with data from the RKG client base showing that year over year growth rates accelerated for both ad spend and revenue.

In just a few short weeks we will find ourselves engrossed in bidding adjustments, ad copy changes and other time sensitive updates, so now is the time to get a few extra projects checked off your list that will pay off during the holiday frenzy.

A recount and analysis of some of the more interesting bits from the Google antitrust hearing.

After an ad matching change that was not impactful, advertisers looking to grow Bing traffic may want to test their strategy around tail terms.

We’re seeing Bing mix paid ads with its organic links.

There’s little to suggest a real turnaround in the works for the Search Alliance as the engines get set to release their Q2 earnings.

What has been the impact of Microsoft’s deal with Conduit, a provider of customizable toolbars, and what does it say about the future of search?

Bing’s restrictive broad matching appears to be weighing down Search Alliance revenues.

In our experience, regardless of how well one follows adCenter’s Editorial Guidelines, something will inevitably be flagged with a “Pending Editorial Review.”

Although it has seen gains in overall search share, the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance has had trouble monetizing its traffic.

The “Decision Engine” looks a lot like “Search Overload” to me.

We see accounts losing ground as a result of the merger.

Bing Rewards: we hope it works…we doubt it will.

Mixing Bing and Yahoo traffic will impact the quality of traffic and influence bids.

Are you ready for Bing-hoo!?!

Bing came out of the gates hard in 2010!

A new study on search engine loyalty from the RKG skunk-works