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Jun 27 2016

No, the Green Ad Label Did Not Dramatically Increase Google Text Ad CTR

Recently the search community appears to have lost their collective mind over the question - did changing the color of the tiny label denoting ads as paid links from yellow to green increase ad CTR beginning in April? Logically, the answer to that question is no, given that Google didn’t even roll green ad labels out to all users until mid-June and were only testing the feature for a limited number of searches until that point. Even ignoring that fact, our data just doesn’t back up any increase in CTR as a result of green ad labels, and there are several reasons why analysis to the contrary might be flawed.

Apr 19 2016

Merkle Digital Marketing Report: Q1 2016 Released

We are exicted to announce the release of the Merkle Q1 2016 Digital Marketing Report for download. This comprehensive report covers the trends and changes shaping the digital marketing landscape across paid search, display advertising, SEO, social media, and more.

Oct 20 2015

Merkle|RKG Digital Marketing Report: Q3 2015 Released

We are excited to announce the release of Merkle RKG’s Q3 Digital Marketing Report for download today. As always, the report offers in depth analysis of trends impacting paid search, SEO, comparison shopping engines, display advertising, and other areas spanning the digital marketing spectrum.

Aug 04 2015

Targeting Non-English Browsers to Produce Incremental Paid Search Orders

For a mature paid search program, it can often be a challenge to find wholly new opportunities for expansion. Targeting browsers with different language settings is one way you can add some truly incremental traffic and order volume to your program.