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Nov 20 2014

Video: 3 Holiday Tips for Display Campaigns

Learn the most important tactics for getting your display campaigns ready for the holiday season in this video from RKG's Director of Display Management, Michelle Alfano.

Nov 19 2014

How Keyword Length Performance Can Impact Smartphone Paid Search Strategy

The differences in smartphone versus desktop/tablet SERPs, the clumsiness of users’ thumbs, and the large difference in CPCs between devices dictate that advertisers have to approach these spaces differently. Naturally, advertisers might be questioning if there are differences in how shorter queries perform versus longer queries.

Sep 03 2014

Video: How to Best Structure Your Google Shopping Campaigns

Part two of our three-part video series on Google Shopping Campaigns covers best practices for structuring your new Google Shopping Campaigns, along with pros and cons for three potential campaign structures.

Aug 19 2014

Video: Google Shopping Campaigns – What's New

Part one of our three-part video series on Google Shopping Campaigns takes you through key differences between Google Shopping Campaigns and legacy PLA campaigns.