This was published at Search Engine Land on Monday February 16th, in case you missed it.

Google’s Broad Match changed over the summer — unbeknownst to them!

What would your paid search program look like if it was missing 50% of the sales that it was generating? Would you alter your bidding?

Can you bid more than your target efficiency and make it up in volume? Often, no.

Proper attribution is critically important, and we recommend revisiting your cookie windows periodically to make sure you’re in the right neighborhood. Too long and you’re liable to waste money by over advertising, too short and you may miss opportunities.

The Buying Cycle is used by some as an excuse for overspending on general keywords. It’s a lovely theory, but we thought it was high time to take another look at whether the data supports it.

Happy with your position crawling bid system? Find out why it is undoubtedly leaving money on the table.

When does it make sense to view a marketing program holistically, and when does it make sense to look at it in increments? In other words, if a program is working as a whole, does it matter if some pieces of it are inefficient? Does it depend on how inefficient?

Part 3 of a 10 part series on the attributes of top-tier bid management systems. Today we focus on the power of feeding post-sale information into your bidding system.

Finding the right message for your PPC ads is important, and testing is a key component of a well run program. But too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Find out the sometimes hidden costs of over doing the copy changes.

Direct marketing testing is both art and science. Here are three situations where “statistically significant” results might not have business significance.

How do you get started marketing your products via paid search? Here are a few high-level strategies to keep in mind when launching a PPC program from scratch.

When testing, keep an eye on statistical significance.

MSN and Atlas released a study suggesting that half of search budgets are wasted on brand search…whose campaigns are these guys looking at?!?

What should you or your agency spend time on? Spending time on the right projects and avoiding the opportunity costs associated with time wasting projects improves PPC performance.

Ever ask, “How much more or how much less ought I be spending on advertising?” Here’s a simple model with accompanying Excel spreadsheet to help answer this question.

Users, advertisers, and Google itself would be better served by bringing back the option for the old-style broad watch.