Search marketers are seeing an unprecedented spike in not provided Google queries. Here’s our breakdown of how this is taking shape.

There are many implications of Enhanced Campaigns, and one new feature is going to have a big impact on display campaigns, in a good way.

Google Enhanced Campaigns is step in a direction RKG has requested a number of times, but we may be losing functionality of greater value.

If we wanted to be picky about it, we’d say 404 pages are not errors and can even be (blasphemy!) an acceptable user experience.

The smartest way to begin 2013 might well be to make a careful review of paid search performance and practices in 2012.

A statistically rigorous analysis on the differences in AOV, click volume and conversion rate across different types of devices.

Many robots.txt best practices are well established, and yet we continue to see incorrect information spread in prominent places.

A tactical guide for Google Plus covering page creation, daily management, and key optimizations with other Google products.

Or, put another way, ‘over-optimization’ is synonymous with ‘no real business model’.

The ability to assess our marginal performance is a critical step in moving away from a model under which aggregate results can mask inefficient returns on the edges.

Today I have the privilege of sharing with you how RKG approaches link development, how we see it in the context of SEO strategy overall, and if you’re lucky, a bit about where we see our efforts going in the future.

Our in-house test of iframes and how search engines treat content and links found within them. Google does appear to be following the source calls found in iframes and passing equity, but seems to be the only search engine doing so.

There are plenty of good reasons to advertise on your brand regardless of ROI. But is it ROI positive? It depends…

Smart anticipatory bidding can make you money at the holidays.

A primer on metrics for those new to paid search or anyone in need of a refresher.

Regularly researching keyword opportunities and expanding your term list is critical to the success of a paid search program, but knowing when to delete keywords with low potential is also an important consideration in managing PPC accounts at scale.

My SEL piece for this month in case you missed it: Suppose you run a banana stand. You buy pallets of bananas and sell them for $1.00/banana to poor saps in the airport. You normally buy bananas from Farmer Jones for $0.30 each. You have an additional $0.60/banana in expenses for delivery costs, storage, staffing, […]

Bing’s restrictive broad matching appears to be weighing down Search Alliance revenues.

By now, the question online advertisers are facing with regard to Facebook advertising is not “why?” but “how?”

Google is giving users a more ‘natural’ experience.

Performance-based pricing creates an incentive for poor performance.

The addition of Estimated Top Impressions in Google’s Bid Simulator data has elucidated a little recognized effect of Google acting like a competitor with its advertisers within its auctions.

Attribution errors can make re-targeting appear more successful than it is leading to fewer sales.

Setting the Record Straight – Negative keywords, matchtypes and average positions do not affect your Google AdWords Quality Score.

Mixing Bing and Yahoo traffic will impact the quality of traffic and influence bids.