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Mar 10 2014

Microconversions: A Critical Piece in the PPC Bidding Puzzle

What do we do when a keyword facilitates an intermediate step in the selling process? How do we credit the keyword for indirectly driving revenue down the line?

Feb 14 2014

9 Steps to My Valentine’s Purchase

One man's search for the perfect Valentine's Day gift provides a demonstration of the complexity of multi-channel online attribution.

Jan 15 2014

RKG Digital Marketing Report: Q4 2013 Released

We are once again happy to announce the release of the latest RKG Digital Marketing Report featuring our analysis of fourth quarter and holiday shopping trends for 2013.

Nov 26 2013

Video: Attribution, Smartphones and Gmail

How are trends around mobile and email affecting attribution modeling? To find out, watch today's video addressing this topic in detail.