Study the data carefully before making rash moves.

Anticipating traffic value shifts at the holidays is the key to a successful Q4.

We’ve seen clients reallocate branding funds from offline marketing efforts to paid search recently. Why search?

Success in paid search demands first rate processes for anticipating and reacting to changes in the landscape. 30 – 60 – 90 day plans usually hinder paid search success.

Neither we nor anyone else can predict the future, so why do people keep asking?

Google finds what we found to be true years ago.

The term “portfolio” has more than one meaning.

The principles of direct marketing have not changed in 50 years. Online marketers would do well to pay attention to the lessons learned from experience.

Whose corner is your agency in: yours, or the Engines’?

Could inadvertent trademark violations cost your company?

Is the customer always right? It depends on the service.

The most powerful marketing comes from happy customers/clients spontaneously spreading the word. But increasingly vendors are saying nice things about each other for money.