Simply counting assists is a poor solution to the attribution puzzle.

Attribution errors can make re-targeting appear more successful than it is leading to fewer sales.

Get the most bang for your buck in paid search by focusing on the highest priority issues.

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High product turnover is a paid search management challenge, which, through well-regulated use of smart tools can be handled effectively.

James, if you have a moment, I have a few questions.

The logic of customer lifetime value applies to paid search agencies, too.

Trada provides a crowd sourcing solution for paid search…but will it work?

“Revenue sharing,” “commissioned sales,” “cost per action,” all sound like attractive, safe pricing models for marketing programs. But cannibalism can turn the economics of these “safe” programs south in a hurry.

Your models involve “advanced statistics”. That’s cool. Are they any good?

We have the finest analysts and highest analyst retention rates in the industry according to many representatives from the search engines. How did we get them?

If your customers hate you marketing can’t solve the problem.

In paid search the more accurately we can gauge and react to the “true value” of the traffic for each ad the better the performance of the program.

Announcing the RKG Attribution Management System

“Solving” the problem of attribution may be impossible, but actionable improvements are worthwhile for many and those improvements can range from the simple to the highly complex.

Budgets should generally be avoided. But if they are unavoidable, here are some thoughts on how to manage them.

How could something that sounds so good, be so wrong-headed?

A layered approach to assessing paid search effectiveness. Now is the time to raise the bar.

Does broad match + negatives and lots of love and attention yield better results than a fully developed KW list with power tools and smart resource allocation? Not a chance, the opposite is the case.

The long tail matters.

The Forrester rankings are clearly meaningless. However, we couldn’t really rank our competitors either.

Landing pages matter in paid search. Don’t let robots pick yours.

Joel says micromanaging vendors is essential. I say, it depends.

Change is coming, and it’s about time!

Quality Score and Bid play equal roles in determining an ads visibility, but that doesn’t mean you should spend the same amount of time working on each.