Jan 12008

Poll: Blog Topics 2008

What sort of posts would you like to see more of here in 2008? You can pick several, if you wish, or add other suggestions in the comments. Thanks for your feedback.



2 Responses to "Poll: Blog Topics 2008"
Eldad Yogev says:
I can't beleive that no one else has commented on this topic. You guys have been more than generous with sharing your knowledge and subscribing to your RSS feed is always enlightening. Not every interview gets into enough detail about specifics that the expert can really aid our growth and goals they are informative about very basic trends. Thanks for giving us a chance to shape the content that we read. Your blogs have helped me grow as a search marketer at a faster rate.
Thanks for the kind words, Eldad. We'll chalk that up as a suggestion for "more depth." Noted. Cheers -- Alan

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