Sep 102009

Bing Click Share Update

When we last reported on MSN's share of paid search clicks we noted that initial gains from the Bing launch were hardly distinguishable from statistical noise when viewed over the long term.  We are now a few months into Microsoft's reported $80-100 million promotional blitz and it's a good time to revisit our initial analysis.

For the average RKG client, Bing's share of clicks grew noticeably over July and August after showing little change in June.  Just under 6% of paid search clicks from the big three engines came from Bing in June.  That percentage grew to 6.7% in August, easily a high for 2009.

Interestingly, the story is a bit different if we combine all client results rather than taking an average.  Under this view, MSN's share of clicks has increased more steadily in 2009.  In January, 5.6% of RKG client clicks came from MSN.  By August that had increased a full 2 points to 7.6%.

So, is Microsoft's huge investment paying off?

With Microsoft and Yahoo's pending search partnership, we need to consider the source of the new Bing click share.  Unfortunately for Microhoo, it appears that they have simply moved share from column A to column B, while Google remains as dominant in the space as ever:


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Its projected and estimated that bing is going to have a very promising future cause it invaded the internet industry in a fast and professional way .


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