May 182007

Blog Font Size

Supersize us!

Following a trend among design blogs, we've bumped up our default font size on rkgblog. (That should be pretty obvious already, unless you're reading this through a reader.)

Personally, I think big fonts make sites easier and friendlier. Even blogs with outlandishly big fonts (for example, Cote's People Over Process).

What do you think? Is increased readability worth fewer lines per page?


3 Responses to "Blog Font Size"
Dave Davis says:
It looks much better in my opinion. From feedback from my readers, I am going to take the same approach. Nice job.
Alan Hume says:
Very Nice! I like it!
Cote' says:
Recently, after a few drinks, someone tricky persuaded me to lower the font size on my page. Now I'm obligated. That said, I still like the big fonts.

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