Jan 222009

Best First Link For Beginner SEO

I'm sure all of us in online marketing have gotten The Question from friends and family:

"So, how do I get my website to show up higher on Google?"

RKG provides SEM services, but the SEO/SEM distinction is lost on folks outside the industry. Though we don't sell SEO advice, we still have a decent understanding of natural search best practices. But trying to explain SEO from the ground up to favorite Cousin Jay or dear friend Annie's-husband-Peter is daunting and time-consuming.

Here's my new favorite response to The Question:

"Google provides a great free tutorial called Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. Read it carefully, then I'd be happy to answer any specific questions afterwards."

Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. A great resource for beginners. Thanks, Google.



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The article was very informative and I hope that I will get such good article in future also. I often read your articles and will also read in future. But what do you think about automated seo?
Alan, you're the best. Not only do you give me more great input in 15 minutes than I've found on my own in 3 months, but then you post this very useful link, and even mention me in your blog. Thanks so much! dear friend Annie’s-husband-Peter
iimiss.com says:
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