Oct 202009

Bend's 1st Annual Search & Social Conference Rocked

... lame name, yes. Lame content? Nope! The "WebCAM" conference in Bend, Oregon has come and gone, and it was a terrific event with some extraordinary content and speakers. Bend proved why it's often called the "Motherland of SEO," and more importantly, attracted a number of talented internet marketing folks from all over the country.

Who presented?

Lots of awesome SEO and social media peeps:

Me (@audette)
Dave Snyder (@davesnyder)
David Mihm (@davidmihm)
Chris Winfield (@chriswinfield)
Rhea Drysdale (@rhea)
Laura Lippay (@lauralippay)
Derrick Wheeler (@derrickwheeler)
Marshall Simmonds (@mdsimmonds)
Scott Polk (@scottpolk)
Todd Friesen (@oilman)

What was the content like?

Stellar stuff including:

  • Derrick Wheeler talked about his framework and approach for managing SEO across Microsoft's massive online portfolio.
  • Rhea Drysdale presented her views on reputation management and shared a few cool case studies and examples.
  • Beautiful Bend Oregon, shot by Laura Lippay
  • Bill Leake Todd Friesen presented on "making search work" and shared some fancy graphs. (Bill Leake was unable to attend the conference and Todd stood in for him.)
  • Dave Snyder had a great session with Scott Polk on viral campaigns, especially focusing on social media. Great stuff from these guys the entire conference.
  • Chris Winfield put on a keynote the second day talking about the social media landscape beyond just Digg, StumbleUpon, and the other bigs.
  • Chris also moderated a social media panel with Dave, myself, Laura Lippay, Rhea Drysdale and Matt Peterson that was fun.
  • Todd "Oilcan" (as my wife mistakenly called him, instead of "Oilman" - his online handle of yesteryear) Friesen and I had a fun session where we provided SEO advice to a bunch of websites from the audience. Straight-up SEO!
  • Laura Lippay brought a unique perspective to the conference as the head of Yahoo's SEO, which is a very large organization (obviously) with many unique challenges. Her session on social media was especially useful for those working on an enterprise level.
  • I presented on how Zappos uses social media as a reflection and extension of its brand and culture.
  • Marshall Simmonds put on a great session about SEO at NY Times and the other large publishers he works on with @adamsherk and @matthewjbrown.
  • Finally was the "hot seat" where a bunch of SEOs dissected websites from the audience. Pretty entertaining and always informative.

Will it happen next year?

I hope so. This conference needs a couple things to really excel:

drunk SEO geeks!
  1. A new name. "WebCAM" - are you serious?
  2. A larger audience. At times I felt the content and audience didn't exactly match up. This conference needs to be promoted out to large metro areas in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Overall though it was a terrific conference and the nightlife was even more fun than the sessions during the day. Bend is a gorgeous area in the high desert of Oregon, with a surprising amount of world-class SEO for a town of its size. The idea behind WebCAM was to bring traditional creative marketing into the same space as internet marketing, sort of a freaks and geeks experience. For the most part the format worked well, but I think it could be improved upon to make a really exceptional event.

Thanks to everyone involved, especially AdFed and Mark Knowles and Wendy Roe of PixelSilk - you guys rock!


5 Responses to "Bend's 1st Annual Search & Social Conference Rocked"
Wendy Roe says:
Adam, Thanks for your feedback and summary! Being a first year conference bringing creatives and search/social folks together we were excited to see how each side of the spectrum that is web came together. We'll take your suggestions to make next year's even better. Thanks so much for your sponsorship of the Brew Ha Ha party (it rocked!) and for your informative sessions. - Wendy (Pixelsilk)
Adam Audette says:
You bet, Wendy. Let me know how we can help for next year's conference and we will!
Hey Adam, This is just the kind of feedback we wanted – and thanks for offering your help to make next year even better! Cheers! Michelle (Organic Webs)
peter says:
I am glad that you are happy.
Adam Audette says:
@Peter I'm always happy! But why weren't you there? Could have used some of that Levitan sardonicism :)

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