Jun 72007

Buy This Book Today For Holiday '07 Web Success

avinash web book Dreaming of booming Holiday '07 web sales?

Buy this book today.

Avinash Kaushik guides you through web analytics step-by-step.

Work through his daily exercises.

Better: do the exercises as a small nimble group -- a smart person from each of your web marketing, web merchandising, web creative, and web IT teams.

Then remember to tell your merchants stock extra inventory for the holiday peak -- your site conversion will be scorching.

Web Analytics: An Hour a Day. 'Nuff said.


3 Responses to "Buy This Book Today For Holiday '07 Web Success"
Forgot to mention 100% of book profits going to charity; so buy an extra copy to pass around your web team.
ron yates says:
Thanks for the recommendation! I will take your advise and devour the book. Hopefully a non-tech person like myself can understand it well enough. But I'll also buy a copy for everyone that works on my sites. On a personal note, thanks so much for taking 20 minutes with me to explain some finer points of ppc management. I took your advice and partnered with a good firm. Hopefully in the coming years our ad spend will qualify to be one of your clients.
ron yates says:
Alan - Forgot to add that I met you at the IRC after your speaking engagement.

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