Sep 212008

Akismet Fights Blog Comment Spam

I noticed our blog just crossed the 100,000 mark on bogus comments tossed into the trash by Akismet. Thanks, Automattic.


Akismet reports they're closing in on 8 billion (that's with a "b") spam comments thwarted webwide.

They indicate 87% of attempted blog comments are spam. That's lower than the email spam rate, I think, which is in the high 90s.


Akismet is best-known as a Wordpress plugin. It is also available for Movable Type, Drupal, Blojsom, Lifetype, and other platforms.

Highly recommended.


7 Responses to "Akismet Fights Blog Comment Spam"
Lol, I recently crossed the 800 mark. Which I thought was a lot!
It is hard for me to beat RKG at too many things but on this I have you beat: 783,478 pieces of spam caught by Akismet! That's in two years of blogging. : ) -Avinash. PS: I am currently experimenting with WP-SpamFree, I am astonished at how good it is at completely eliminating spam (not even catching it, eliminating it!):
Honestly I too have Akismet to thank for most of my spam moderation. Without that plugin, I think I'd have to hire someone full time to sift through the blog comments!
I think the problem is spamming scripts are being written that target prominent blogging/comments systems such as Movable Type. Friends running MT have been targetted, but I'm running an obscure comments system called DotComment, which has had nothing in the way of spam (so far!). Perhaps modifications need to be made to the MT (and other) commenting systems to make them less susceptible to this kind of hacking. Best of luck, AJ.
Dean says:
The problem is that more people these days are trying to improve their sites pagerank by spamming blog comments. If the pagerank system worked differently, problem solved! Otherwise you will never stop it.
Joe M says:
Agree with @Dean, they should change the way sites get ranked in order to avoid this.


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