Jun 182010

A Very Great Honor

Over the past few months I've been nominated for a number of prestigious awards and recognitions.

I'd like to thank all the little people who've made this possible, and offer my appreciation to you kind folks who must keep nominating me.

Among others, I've been nominated to join Cambridge's Who's Who, Emerald's Who's Who, the Presidential Who's Who, and not long ago I got the nod we all hope for...Strathmore's Who's Who!!! My wife and I recently traveled to Scotland and visited Glamis Castle, home of the Earl of Strathmore.

I was just a touch disappointed that the Earl didn't make a point of seeing me, given my recent nomination, but perhaps he was ill...

In any case, thank you all for your support. I'm sure I couldn't have achieved these great heights without your help.


7 Responses to "A Very Great Honor"
Kate S. says:
Congratulations, George!
Thank you, Kate. It's nice to be appreciated...even by spammers.
Tim Barcz says:
George, Enjoyed the sarcastic post. The truly sad thing is that on some level these spam campaigns must have a positive ROI otherwise they wouldn't continue. The desire to be known and respected often blurs the ability to discern spam from legitimacy.
Thanks Tim, I'm sure you're right, they must be ROI positive. I wonder what the ROI mechanism is, actually. Is it really just vanity publishing -- we'll send you a book, like the old who's who, or certificate suitable for framing, or include you on a website? Or are they more nefarious, making money through malware? I'd love to know...but I'm not clicking on a link to find out! George
Andrew says:
A big and hearty congratulations to you!! More Power!!
Congrats on the great award! Keep up the great work!


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