We’ve discussed the impact of a single advertiser to Google’s bottom line before, but what if that advertiser was part of an elite group with significantly higher bids and/or ad quality?

Our in-house test of iframes and how search engines treat content and links found within them. Google does appear to be following the source calls found in iframes and passing equity, but seems to be the only search engine doing so.

The King is Dead. Long Live the King. There’s an old adage online, by now so used up and tired I’m surprised how often it’s still envoked: content is king. I heard it whispered in 1996 by the pioneers, when it was still a fresh and novel concept, when it held promise and hope; when […]

Yext has expanded its offering with PowerListings, a mechanism for businesses to control their local search listings from a single place. I had a couple of great conversations with some very sharp folks there and just wanted to share.

Based on the experience we’ve had using Dynamic Search Ads, Google invited us to share a bit more perspective over on their AdWords blog and to answer any additional questions readers might have here in our comments section.

One result of Search Plus your World may be greater adoption of Google+ as a social network. If that happens, brands will have to make a stronger effort to show up in Google+ newsfeeds and the inclusion of Google+ activity in search results solidifies the need for Google+ to be a part of your larger social media strategy.

This post started as a short announcement of the recent conferences where I’ll be speaking in the next few months. But once pen hit paper, I guess I had more to say! The merger and acquisition of AudetteMedia by RKG has certainly taken some time and attention. It’s good to be back at my desk. […]

When looking for paid search “squatters” on your brand, it’s common to simply go to, query your brand name, and see which arch-rivals pop up in the ad slots. Those results don’t show the whole picture though.

Today we released the RKG Digital Marketing Report for the fourth quarter of 2011, offering data and analysis for paid search, SEO, Facebook advertising and more.

Some mistakes simply cannot be made.

Each advertiser contributes less to Google than it may appear.