A real backlink strategy isn’t about links at all, but about content, social, and promotional strategies that will engage people.

What are the differences between Facebook’s Promoted Posts and Page Post Ads? Let’s take a look at both formats.

In his presentation for the 2012 RKG Summit, Adam Audette covers getting stakeholder buy-in for search engine optimization, proper handling of pagination and faceted content, site crawlability and other top concerns for SEOs.

Google Shopping is transitioning from being a free CSE to being a 100% paid product.

RKG slices and dices keywords already, but check out how we think Google Labels may be super-handy for advertisers.

Google announced a new AdWords tool today – Auction Insights. The goal of the tool is to give advertisers a deeper view of the auction environment at the keyword level without divulging too much competitor information.

Failures can teach us a great deal, too.

One piece of evidence indicates Target has experienced a dramatic loss in traffic tightly timed with the Penguin update.

How closely a PPC keyword matches the search query matters a great deal and we shouldn’t just blithely accept Google’s changes to exact and phrase match behavior.

Bing’s Other Ideas links under the ad listings seem like they could hold value, but they have a few of us here at RKG scratching our heads.

One thing is clear: the recent changes at Google have yet again raised the bar for SEO.

Facebook has quietly rolled out new changes to how ads are created through the Facebook Ad Creation Tool in Facebook’s user interface.

Simply recognizing that how traffic gets to our site tells us a great deal about its value should prompt analysts to dive into data.

Rogue affiliates are using device targeting to hide violations of affiliate terms and conditions that forbid running paid search ads on brand terms.

Few things will limit your SEO campaign like poor link building. Here’s how link quotas can hurt your SEO efforts.

I was recently asked to answer questions on the state of SEO and evolution of the industry. Answering questions like these can be a useful exercise.

Why is my quality score low. Now we can find out!

Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems, interviews RKG’s CEO George Michie and gets him to share his first online purchase, his thoughts on multichannel attribution and how RKG nearly got into the business of building decks.

As of mid-May, the default behavior of Google’s exact match will be…inexact.

As with many relationships, the hidden magic that takes place at the intersection of SEO and PPC may not be obvious at first glance.

Taking another page out of Google’s book, we are now starting to see merchant ratings as an extension to Bing paid search ads.

Ever wondered what the difference is between “Eligible” and “Approved” ads in Google AdWords? (Hint: they’re not the same!)

Announcing the latest RKG Digital Marketing Report for Q1 2012. Google’s lead over Bing/Yahoo! widens even as the CPCs it commands continue to decline.

Here at RKG, in addition to successfully driving online marketing growth for countless clients, we take time to focus on community outreach and charitable efforts.

There are two basic ideas in targeting for display: targeting people and targeting sites. We explain these concepts and further break down our options.