As a core component of paid search quality score, a strong Click-Through Rate (CTR) is vital for ensuring lower costs per click and higher ad visibility. If you are seeing your CTR decline over months or years it can be concerning, but not necessarily an indication of a problem with your copy or PPC program as a whole.

Yahoo’s new syndication bidding controls should be a big win for everyone!

Sometimes it’s tempting to leap to conclusions in paid search. In this cautionary post, we’ll provide a tool for testing whether data has changed meaningfully, or whether you’re looking at statistical noise.

Budgets should generally be avoided. But if they are unavoidable, here are some thoughts on how to manage them.

The Internet has changed the marketing world. Now, that’s hardly a revelation of any sort; in fact it is, at this point, probably common knowledge. And while it may seem, in retrospect, as though the Internet came along and immediately revolutionized traditional marketing, the truth is that the marketing industry has changed as the Internet […]

Linda is one of the smartest people in online marketing.

How could something that sounds so good, be so wrong-headed?

Bing came out of the gates hard in 2010!

Search Marketing Now webinar on the Long Tail.

Search shopper personas anyone?

If not a buying cycle, what is going on?

Yahoo! announced their Q4 ’09 earnings on Tuesday, making their best effort to portray a 4% year over year decline in revenue as a signal of a turnaround. While that certainly beats the 12-13% declines Y! saw earlier in ’09, there are still troubling numbers deeper in the report and in RKG’s data.

In early 2009 I was sitting at a lunch table at the SMX West conference, when I met this really smart guy named George Michie. I’d heard about the PPC expertise of The Rimm-Kaufman Group, of course, but didn’t know any of the principal players. George and I hit it off pretty much instantly. We […]

Multichannel attribution is tricky. How are you handling it?

A layered approach to assessing paid search effectiveness. Now is the time to raise the bar.

Traffic from mobile devices has grown tremendously over the last year, but the quality of that traffic may be sketchy.

Does broad match + negatives and lots of love and attention yield better results than a fully developed KW list with power tools and smart resource allocation? Not a chance, the opposite is the case.

A collection of our most enduring posts from 2009

December growth rates were okay, but the downward trend from October is puzzling.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Affiliate cheats and SEO link spammers.

2009 has been a big year for social media. Many of the sites have proven, in some eyes, that they can stick around and social media won’t just be the “fanny pack” fad of the industry. Although, those were pretty cool… A purse that buckles around the waste and wait, guys can sport it too? […]

The long tail matters.