The iPad launched just a little over two months ago with Steve Jobs heralding the device as a new “third category” between laptop computers and smartphones. Our data suggests iPad users behave much more like traditional desktop and laptop users than mobile users when it comes to online shopping.

Are you ready for Bing-hoo!?!

If your customers hate you marketing can’t solve the problem.

AudetteMedia has been using Advanced Web Ranking & Link Manager for over 2 years. This software works exceptionally well for automating SEO reporting, gaining actionable insights into rankings, and tracking metrics such as site backlinks, link text, and indexed pages. It also has a decent keyword research tool. The quick response time their support team […]

Facebook ads: what content advertising was supposed to be?

Is the ability to interact with customers through social media just another cost of doing business, or an opportunity to excel?

Broad Match Modifiers: The best thing since sliced bread!

People use search engines differently from one another and these differences impact paid search metrics.

Negative Keywords are essential for any PPC account. However, occasionally they will prevent keywords from being served that you DO want. How do you find cases where this is occurring?

RKG’s Director of Marketing, Cady Condyles and Sandy Pochapin of FreshAddress will be hosting a webinar on optimizing search campaigns to improve e-mail acquisition.

Understanding PlusBox Product Extensions – A look under the hood. The Dos, the Don’ts and the Data.

A New Google Ad Extension? Reviews showing in Line 5 of AdWords ad text. Here to stay?

Tracking made Google a success, but may now provide friction to its continued growth.

In paid search the more accurately we can gauge and react to the “true value” of the traffic for each ad the better the performance of the program.

During a marketing meeting the other day, while on a spitfire about how awesome social media is, a client interrupts to ask me “SO, what is your one favorite social site?” While I was tempted to answer with, come to be known as my ‘catch phrase’ – “it depends” – I refrained and simply answered, […]

Announcing the RKG Attribution Management System

Growth in mobile device traffic has continued unabated since we last published our data on this topic in January. While still a small percentage of our clients’ paid search advertising clicks, mobile traffic share grew 48% from Q4 ’09 to Q1 ’10.

The allure of online marketing is the ability to measure, measure and measure some more. But what’s the value of all that data without actionable items to move the needle on your company’s bottom line? Nadda. In his latest book, Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability & Science of Customer Centricity, Avinash Kaushik […]

Are Ad Sitelinks showing a true lift in brand traffic and sales or just a shuffling of sales from organic traffic to paid traffic?

“Solving” the problem of attribution may be impossible, but actionable improvements are worthwhile for many and those improvements can range from the simple to the highly complex.

Getting attribution absolutely right is impossible, but even an imperfect system may add significant value.

Stay on top of internet law with Brann & Isaacson.

An update on what we thought was a bug.

A few weeks ago, Rimm-Kaufman Group CEO George Michie had the pleasure of interviewing Linda Bustos of Elastic Path and the eCommerce blog, GetElastic.  Now the tables are turned with George in the hot seat.  They discuss the future of paid search as well as current best practices.  Read the full interview here. Technorati Tags: […]

My interview with Lance Loveday of Closed-Loop Marketing