Bigger orders aren’t just better now, they’re better later, too.

Are Product Listing Ads just cannibalizing AdWords Text Ads? Read what we’re seeing in the data.

Which is more important? It all depends…

Every year there is a certain snarky contingent of the populace that dismisses Cyber Monday as just marketing hype since, “it’s not even the biggest online shopping day of the year.” Well, let’s all hope that holds true in 2010 as the performance data has definitely taken a turn for the worse in the ensuing days.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday numbers are in and they’re HUGE!

When hiring a service firm: don’t listen to their salespeople, listen to their clients.

Drawing lines in the sand and enforcing them is harder than it may appear. Perhaps these “rules of engagement” will help.

We see accounts losing ground as a result of the merger.

Lead generation requires more sophistication, not less.

Sometimes a 5 is as good as it gets.

There are many solutions for tracking PPC to Call-Center spill-over, but we think our solution reigns supreme. How granular is your current PPC to call-center tracking? Does it track individual clicks? Ours does.

We as an industry need to establish a code of conduct and live by it.

Display ads in the SERPs?

Simply counting assists is a poor solution to the attribution puzzle.

The addition of Estimated Top Impressions in Google’s Bid Simulator data has elucidated a little recognized effect of Google acting like a competitor with its advertisers within its auctions.

Attribution errors can make re-targeting appear more successful than it is leading to fewer sales.

Setting the Record Straight – Negative keywords, matchtypes and average positions do not affect your Google AdWords Quality Score.

The data is in on Google Instant.

Bing Rewards: we hope it works…we doubt it will.

How often does the purchase match the search?

Do duplicate listings help or hurt?

Search log data investigation to see how often Google is serving brand ads when users search a non-brand string.

Google Instant is live

Many thanks to our staff in honor of Labor Day!

Much of life seems to move like a pendulum.