Hacking through the mythology surrounding Google’s Quality Score.

Find Out if the Settlement Applies to You.

A more careful study yields a different perspective.

Bing hasn’t stolen much traffic yet, but the traffic it has taken seems to be high quality and the source may surprise people.

How your PPC efforts are tracked can have a significant impact on the program’s performance. Javascript-based tracking systems used by most web analytics systems typically lose 10 – 30% of the sales driven by paid search. Find out why and how to plug this hole.

Is the customer always right? It depends on the service.

The May data is in, and while one month does not a trend make, we certainly like what we see.

The ASCII wriggler gave me a chuckle.

RSS feeds from search results make it easy to monitor your brand across the web.

Do offers work for you or against you? The answers aren’t always obvious.

RKG will be speaking at SMX Advanced 2009 in Seattle, WA. Drop us a line if you’d like to meet up at the show.

The most powerful marketing comes from happy customers/clients spontaneously spreading the word. But increasingly vendors are saying nice things about each other for money.

Mentioned earlier, the GreaseMonkey script which pushes starred items from Google Reader into Delicious.

If you need carrots and sticks to get your employees to work maybe you hired the wrong people.

GreaseMonkey lets you change how other people’s web pages look and how they function — just in your own browser, of course.

Google announced a major change in trademark policy today.

For better or worse, this is where online retail is heading, and your marketing and merchandising teams will benefit from being there at the beginning.

Reaction to 6-months of Google AdWords’ PlusBox performance data.

My monthly column at SEL, in case you missed it.

Customer lifetime value comes from protecting your customer’s interests.

Yahoo seems to be following Google’s lead in broadening their notion of relevance.

A viral marketing idea using social media.

Seems like April wasn’t quite as bad as the previous months. More feedback wanted.

New customers may have more value than you think. Some old and new ideas for measuring the true value of new customers, and how this might impact your online marketing targets.

Does it help you, or hurt you when your competitors behave irrationally?