Here’s a theoretical question: what happens when a (very expensive) web design and development shop is ignorant of search engine optimization (SEO)? Answer: they seriously hurt their client’s online business. Or even worse, they kill it (temporarily, let’s hope). Okay, maybe that’s overstated a bit. But then again, maybe not. Read on… This post outlines […]

The findings are very interesting…but not what we expected!

Google finds what we found to be true years ago.

The Rimm-Kaufman Group has once again been named to Inc. Magazine’s list of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.

A really good idea (probably not ours) for testing the incremental value of display ad impressions.

A lone soldier who fought in search, slaving away hours over tools others besmirched. And pouring over data, nay – piercing through the tangle, of the analytics labyrinth looking for a market angle. He was dismissed by coders scoffed at by naysayers, ignored by deciders sought solace in relevance prayers. He sat in the meetings […]

Microsoft is willing to buy share and Google may give them the opportunity.

To the RSS subscribers we have, hello again! And to anyone new passing by, welcome. I’ve been neglecting my contributions to the SEO industry (at least on this blog – I’ve been speaking a bit, and working with clients a huge amount). There are a few reasons why our blog has been left by the […]

PPC is evolving and it’s getting harder and harder for full-priced and high-end retailers to make it big.

The term “portfolio” has more than one meaning.

How much time should you spend watching others?

When your SEM says “those keywords didn’t work”, it’s time to find a new agency.

The data shows that geographical considerations matter — not just simple regional preferences: factors like population density, home values, average incomes, retail proximity etc. impact performance of PPC ads. Now we just need more tools from the engines to act on this data.

The deal is done. What does it mean for paid search?

The principles of direct marketing have not changed in 50 years. Online marketers would do well to pay attention to the lessons learned from experience.

Whose corner is your agency in: yours, or the Engines’?

In Memoriam

Sometimes, less is more.

How much does movement away from “last touch” allocation impact the perception of PPC marketing? Does it help PPC, or hurt? Find out what we’ve seen in the data.

“Two Concepts of Rules,” with apologies to John Rawls.

PPC advertising is not a one size fits all game. There are cases in which manual bidding makes sense. There are cases in which automated bidding is essential. Here’s our take on which is which.

June PPC comps are in, and not what we were hoping to see.

It’s hard to buy loyalty.

Could inadvertent trademark violations cost your company?

A look at how Bing Shopping (formerly MSN Shopping) integrates with paid search advertising.