A new study on search engine loyalty from the RKG skunk-works

Occasionally, an increase in a term’s average CPC can occur simultaneously with a decrease in average position. Here, we explain why.

Thin data impacts every paid search program.

More ideas from more people.

New Google AdWords Plusbox Functionality, SERP Layout & Notable Data Updates

Cashback is an attractive system: Bing pays users to shop at your website. But there are some things advertisers need to watch out for and some precautions they should take.

Bing Cashback pays users to make purchases using Bing. Here’s how it works.

This is a rebuttal to Rand Fishkin’s recent post entitled, Terrible SEO Advice: Focus on Users, not Engines. While I believe Rand has some excellent points, and I tend to agree with the overall sentiment (that we need to cater to search engines), I feel strongly that it’s very good advice to focus websites on […]

Sudden drops in conversion rates can happen for a variety of reasons. Here are some tips for identifying and addressing these issues.

Social media can’t build your brand strategy, complete customer-care or package your product, but it can save your brand. This may sound a bit “hasty” to you nay-sayers out there. But, if you start with a decent brand and have a more than halfhearted commitment to your customers/audience it can help breathe new life into […]

Success in paid search demands first rate processes for anticipating and reacting to changes in the landscape. 30 – 60 – 90 day plans usually hinder paid search success.

Keyword research, the step-child of SEO. Considered a tedious step in the SEO research process by many, keyword research is as critical to search as links are to rankings. Let’s take a minute and discuss how the actual keyword research process plays out and take a guess as to why it’s under-loved, but also why […]

In paid search, metrics often vary in unexpected ways. Unexplained variation is often referred to as “noise.” Noise occurs on top of, and can sometimes cloud our view of, the true underlying pattern, or, the “signal.”

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Has eBay been phasing out syndicated Yahoo ads in favor of Google’s? RKG records indicate a major change in the search partner landscape.

Google predicts shifting from CPC to CPA and keyword-free advertising. Sounds great…er, maybe not.

I can say with all honesty that 100% of our clients are great to work with. We partner with them, create really productive relationships, and everyone makes money. It’s a win-win. Best of all, we have fun doing it. That’s not a coincidence – we’re careful of the types of companies we work with. However, […]

PPC ads do not control brand traffic or sales; rather, other advertising channels, customer referrals, and the power of brand drive brand sales. A dip in PPC brand sales can be related to cannibalization (affiliates, organic listings) or may be down in truth (site issues, competition, decrease in other marketing channels, economic changes).

Is Bing gaining share?

I recently wrote a column for Search Engine Land stating that SEO best practices are (basically) bogus. Actually, I didn’t say exactly that (see, even I misquote myself); what I said is that SEO best practices represent everything that is a “given” about marketing in search, but offer absolutely no competitive advantage. The comments are […]

Simple isn’t always better.

I was thinking recently about how link text has changed over the years, as the online landscape has changed. In the pre-Google era, and before SEO had widespread adoption, link text was often simply the URL itself. You’ll still sometimes see this on personal sites and some education sites, where a link is written out […]

Part 2 of our study: much of the conventional wisdom around paid search driving store sales may be wrong.

The delay between clicks and orders can make it difficult to evaluate performance of tests in the early stages.

Neither we nor anyone else can predict the future, so why do people keep asking?