The Forrester rankings are clearly meaningless. However, we couldn’t really rank our competitors either.

Writing with SEO in mind isn’t natural for a lot of us, but once you get the “formula” down and understand where you can influence SEO with keywords on the page, it should be standard practice for anyone working within pages of a site. It’s all about emphasizing relevance for the theme of the page, […]

Landing pages matter in paid search. Don’t let robots pick yours.

Just a quick post outlining a few things I’ve been doing. If I can’t promote myself before the conferences and such, I might as well promote myself afterwards, right? I’ll figure this marketing thang out someday. Other than writing posts about the serious dangers of rel=canonical, I’ve been traveling a bit. Working a lot – […]

Interview with SEO Expert Adam Audette.

It’s been several months since the link canonical tag was announced, and it’s being used fairly liberally out in the wild. It’s patently clear to us that this tag is quite powerful and effective, and the consequences of its misuse very serious. It’s being misused a lot (not a surprise). We’re seeing a ton of […]

Joel says micromanaging vendors is essential. I say, it depends.

And the nominees are…

Each marketing vehicle demands a different mindset from its practitioners.

Just because there’s traffic doesn’t mean you want to pay for it.

The numbers are in, and show some intriguing trends.

As I outlined today in my column at SearchEngineLand, we’re seeing Google Product Search send a lot of traffic and sales this year. I (dramatically) wrote that in some ways it represents the new battleground for competitive SEO… and I think it does. Google obviously wants to push Product Search and start cutting marketshare from […]

The value of traffic from each network partner varies. Allowing advertisers to control what they pay for traffic from each would benefit the advertisers, the quality publishers, and the engines.

Change is coming, and it’s about time!

Data and other observations indicate that holiday 2009 should be a good one!

To some minds, search engine marketing got a bum rap in last week’s Ad Age article reporting on a recent Nielsen report. Teasing out the context and some follow up questions with Ken Cassar helped to clarify the point.

My monthly article at SearchEngineLand was published this week: Small & Nimble Trumps Big & Slow in SEO. Basic premise: small SEO shops are able to be more nimble and flexible than large, slow-moving agencies. That translates to a greater ROI in free search marketing campaigns. (I’m definining ‘large’ as over 150 people on staff.) […]

Quality Score and Bid play equal roles in determining an ads visibility, but that doesn’t mean you should spend the same amount of time working on each.

(Meg’s last post was, Keyword Research: The (Beloved) Step Child of SEO) Some of the most common questions I hear when it’s time to set up a blog for a business are: What should it look like – my site or totally different? What platform should I use? What do we write about? Who will […]

Do coupon affiliates drive incremental sales? I’m doubtful, but willing to eat my words if one of the big dogs is willing to participate in this test.

Study the data carefully before making rash moves.

Anticipating traffic value shifts at the holidays is the key to a successful Q4.

Here are 9 juicy takeaways from Joachim Kupke’s presentation at SMX East in NYC this month. Overall it was a terrific conference, other than the cursed Javits Center constantly causing issues with the wifi (or freezing us, or creating AV headaches). Danny Sullivan (the conference organizer, for those living under rocks and things) repeatedly said […]

We’ve seen clients reallocate branding funds from offline marketing efforts to paid search recently. Why search?

… lame name, yes. Lame content? Nope! The “WebCAM” conference in Bend, Oregon has come and gone, and it was a terrific event with some extraordinary content and speakers. Bend proved why it’s often called the “Motherland of SEO,” and more importantly, attracted a number of talented internet marketing folks from all over the country. […]