Wanting to learn more about Google Content from the publishing side, last week we placed ads on a single page of this blog. Here are our initial impressions.

if a company needs research to determine what customers want, then the company is probably too far from the customer, and the software or product or service they produce will likely miss the mark.

Here are the top 30 RKG blog post titles to date.

… okay maybe not dirty, but you get the idea :) Moderating email discussion lists – be they business-to-business, tech- or consumer-oriented – takes a great deal of skill, patience, and tact. Light touch is the goal with moderating, but it sometimes takes a heavy touch to steer the ship. Balancing that line is the […]

You heard it here first!

After years of content-bashing, a sudden twinge of guilt: was it hypocritical to criticize AdSense without testing the publishing side?

We here at RKG are darn proud to make IR’s top vendor list for the second year. A big “thank you” to all our clients, big and small, retailer and non-retailer, for allowing us to serve you.

When does it make sense to view a marketing program holistically, and when does it make sense to look at it in increments? In other words, if a program is working as a whole, does it matter if some pieces of it are inefficient? Does it depend on how inefficient?

Harry Joiner shares his insights on hiring top-notch online talent, and how he uses online marketing techniques himself to grow his recruiting practice.

Enough about us; tell us about you.

The ad spend share situation by engine is essentially unchanged since last month.

As Joel experienced in the 58th St. Starbucks, going to extremes can lead to suboptimal outcomes.

This year’s gathering is being held September 15-17 in Las Vegas. RKG will be leading roundtables and providing 1:1 Website Critiques. Hope to see you there.

Merlin Mann at Google on managing email overload.

While savvy shoppers probably recognize “voucher” as a synonym for “coupon”, “voucher” may avoid the flow-destroying, avoid-being-a-sucker obligatory google coupon search. Nobody wants the nagging doubt they may overpaid.

Asking about what would complement someone best — what a nice and effective way to discuss someone’s less strong areas.

Our thanks to the MSN engineers for the many calls and emails clarifying the V5.1 API docs. These are places we hit snags.

A cornerstone of search engine optimization is the analysis of server log files. Analytical tools are essential, but we need direct access to the raw logs in order to study bot behaviour and spot errors, patterns and potential crawling issues GUI analytics can’t give us. We use a number of tools to diagnose crawling and […]

RSS is about content, not presentation.

“In social networks, on the other hand, users show up to find friends; ads are, at best, irrelevant to that goal.” Byran Urstadt, Tech Review

Some thoughts on a recent thread: should online retailers pitch their channel as a money-saving response to that increasingly costly drive to the mall?

Part 3 of a 10 part series on the attributes of top-tier bid management systems. Today we focus on the power of feeding post-sale information into your bidding system.

Dell’s direct marketing has always been impressive, but this recent full page branding ad in the New Yorker left me befuddled.

It is an important time for the affiliate industry: alot of retailers are starting to question where affiliate marketing fits in their world. — Larry Joseloff,

Looking at our agency’s client base in aggregate, last month Google received 79% of our clients’ ad dollars. Yahoo received 17%. Microsoft received 5%.