A new twist on gift cards this season from Target. recommends discounting and free shipping for Thanksgiving. But when all retailers adopt this strategy, nobody gains share and everybody loses margin.

Configure Akismet to vanish Russian spam comments.

An excellent powerpoint giving technical background on some newer approaches for websites attacks..

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit narrowed what can be patented as an abstract business method.

Proper attribution is critically important, and we recommend revisiting your cookie windows periodically to make sure you’re in the right neighborhood. Too long and you’re liable to waste money by over advertising, too short and you may miss opportunities.

Monitor your brand across 22 social media sites.

As November begins, the situation has become bleaker.

“We’ll allow an ad that meets the quality threshold to appear above the search results even if it has to jump over other ads to do so. “

J. Crew responds to the Tonight Show.

The Buying Cycle is used by some as an excuse for overspending on general keywords. It’s a lovely theory, but we thought it was high time to take another look at whether the data supports it.

Helpful or harmful to users and advertisers?

Sequoia Capital’s powerpoint on the economic crisis, allegedly leaked.

Allowing inbound links to fail on nonexistent pages is a marketing crime.

We recently had a small batch of t-shirts made and sent them out to our SEO friends. Here are some of the pictures we got back! The t-shirt was accompanied with a letter asking for a photo of the recipient wearing it. Not everyone replied, but here are the ones that did. Want an SEO […]

I don’t get it. is promoting Obama and McCain videos from the homepage.

Irrational over-bidding helps none of us, except Google.

If advanced database topics quicken your pulse, check out OpenSQL Camp.

Does the history of search engine optimization (SEO) even matter? I believe it does. In an industry that suffers from lack of structure and standardization, having a fuzzy history only turns the blinds another notch dimmer. Without having a clear frame of reference for where we originated, it makes it more difficult to chart progress […]

Considering the perspective of paid search advertising, how should online advertisers be responding to the crisis on Wall Street?

Our business is going really well thanks to our great clients. But looking at some other folks included in our category makes me shake my head in amazement…er something.

Happy with your position crawling bid system? Find out why it is undoubtedly leaving money on the table.

Could wide-spread adoption geo-targeted advertising spell doom for online marketers? If brick and mortar stores start channeling resources towards local search, might “national” advertisers be outbid to the point of extinction?

Branding and Direct Marketing are different beasts, for sure. But aren’t they both geared towards generating ROI in the long run?