With all the bluster out there, how is one to tell the experts from the amateurs?

Amazon’s fufillment system is mind-bogglingly good. So good, I only notice it when buying elsewhere.

The engines would have you believe that spending more on online advertising makes sense for every retail chain. We recommend caution.

Quirky and wonderful.

My pro-rata portion of the proposed $800b stimulus plan is $2,650. Yours is, too.

Can you bid more than your target efficiency and make it up in volume? Often, no.

Check sign-up scams should be illegal.

If you sent me this conversation starter, let me know!

We’ve complimented Google here before on their efforts to improve their content network. It it nice these changes are beginning to be noticed by the get-rich-quicksters too.

The Linux Recovery disk method worked great when a home computer bluescreened.

Google’s New Mobile Device Network Distribution Setting – Should We Care?

If you’re interested in auditing your paid search campaigns but haven’t the time to do it yourself, give my colleague Ryan Gibson a call at (434) 970-1010.

We’d welcome JCP customer relations to our blog to describe how to reach JCP customer service.

“An entire generation of web analytics experts are being trained by Google to analyze business exactly the way Google wants your business to be analyzed.”

Some retailers are having a very very tough time. Other retailers are seeing growth. The situation is quite mixed.

The fourth and final installment in our Most Read posts series.

Wordle scans your site and creates a tag cloud.

One day isn’t an entire retail season, but I thought it interesting to compare CyberMonday 2008 to 2007.

Some of our most popular non-PPC posts, about online marketing topics more generally.

The Rimm-Kaufman Group manages paid search for a great many retailers across just about every vertical and the October pain was felt by all of them. We know that the stakes are incredibly high going into this holiday in particular, placing a premium on getting the details right. Here are some tips to help out.

Yesterday Google announced SearchWiki, allowing Google users to customize their search results.

Final batch of most popular RKG paid search links, based on Feedburner readership stats.

As we approach our 800th post, we decided to highlight some of our most popular posts.

Wise words from Paul Kedrosky.

If anyone would benefit from a data set tracking the use of political paid search advertising in the 2008 US Presidential cycle, we have one to share.