Aug 82008

RKG Makes IR500 Top Vendor List: Our Thanks Go Out To Our Great Clients!

In the big scheme of things, making a list or not making a list is not the goal of running a business.

Far more important than getting on lists are things like good relationships with employees, customers, vendors, and prospects. Adding value. Working hard. Being honest. And generating sufficient profit to keep running.

That being said, for the second year running, we've had the honor of being named by Internet Retailer Magazine as the second most prevalent paid search agency among the top 500 online retailers.

Online retail is our firm's focus and our heritage. We like serving online retailers. And we're darn proud to make IR's top vendor list again.

We're proud to serve such great clients.

All of us here at RKG offer huge congratulations to our clients who made IR's '08 list. We hope our work for you this year can help you move up on the '09 list.

To all of our clients: we greatly appreciate your business.

If there are ways we could be serving you better, please let us know.





4 Responses to "RKG Makes IR500 Top Vendor List: Our Thanks Go Out To Our Great Clients!"
Jim Novo says:
Very cool Alan, Congrats to you and the Team! No doubt thought processes like those in the post "PPC Averages can Hide Incremental Nightmares" contribute to your success with the IR 500. We can only hope that someday, people will realize that math has been math for 100's of years and just because it's "old", doesn't mean it's irrelevant!
Wadzie Kay says: Does the above link still work,i desperately need software to transcribe words to text. I hope you will be able to help.

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