Bill Kaplan of FreshAddress talks about the future of email marketing, ECOA, misplacing $125,000 in cash, and hanging out with Kevin Spacey.

See how Google and Yahoo’s syndicate partners compare in traffic volume and quality to their parent sites.

Congrats to all our clients who made the 2007 IR 500 list.

Ebay launches Kijiji in the US. Errr… how many “j”s was that?

From Mashable, an encyclopedic list of online resources for images, video, and sound. Excellent quality content, and highly effective linkbait.

Steve Bosley joins RKG as our new VP Marketing, and Larry Becker transitions to VP, Web Effectiveness.

My shower sprung a leak. Google hands me a scarily perfect search result. AI is just very large scale computation, Larry Page predicts.

Following the huge success of the first three stops on the AMA’s Hot Topics In Search Marketing cross-country barnstorm, the AMA’s extended the tour to three more cities: Seattle on Sept 10, Boston on Sept 28, and Chicago on November 2nd.

I’m helping organize an open enrollment executive education course on online marketing at UVA’s Darden School this fall. Come learn about online marketing from the people, companies, and academics shaping tomorrow’s web.

Last Wednesday I was interviewed for “Online Marketing with RSS Ray.” We’re truly in the age of the micro-publisher.

The last installment of a 4 part series on auditing your search program. How to evaluate the marketing objectives and the extent to which your program meets them.

Conversion rates differ by engine and by keyword, but also by match type and whether the search is coming from or Google’s syndicate partners.

As 2007 is now half over, it seems a good time to compare the performance of the Big Three search engines year-to-date.

Robust on-site search is an essential component of a successful retail website. Site search apps, however, depend on good SKU-level attribute data. Mercado’s Kevin Lindsay discusses data quality and “searchandising.”

You can clean up your Microsoft Outlook contact list using Excel, easily and at no cost.

Rule #1 of the Attention Economy: if I want to communicate with you (or market to you) I need to capture your attention and earn the right to keep it. Putting first things first and leveraging prominence and prioritization can help your site win a few points in the competition for online attention.

Our recent post over at Search Engine Land asks the question, “Does it ever make sense to use stronger keywords to subsidize weaker keywords? We suggest the answer is “Yes—when done correctly.”

Broad match keeps getting broader. Examining logs reveals valuable insights.

The May 8th Search Illustrated post over at SEL presents PageRank as a mighty mountain. While the visual metaphor is inexact, it does give a good sense of the non-linear nature of PageRank.

Leigh Vosler from Sierra Trading Post shares data feed marketing best practices.

As many web marketing programs are managed through web apps, a little browser hackery can go a long way towards increasing the efficiency of the web marketing team.

Microsoft’s new site analytics tool was mentioned at the workshop, just a day before a few screenshots were released.

The 2007 Online Merchandising Workshop just wrapped up a few hours ago, and it was a great show.

Some interesting links, no particular theme.

My beef is not so much about the Long Tail concept as it is with the name.