Yesterday I wrote about the relationship between PPC program performance and business models. Today we’ll take a look at how product categories seem to impact the numbers.

MarketMotive is an educational site focusing on web marketing. I’m looking forward to participating as their pay-per-click expert.

As retailers, we always wanted to know: how are we doing relative to our competitors? We thought it might be useful to throw out some benchmarks of what we see across our client-base.

Links to some recent articles I wrote for Catalog Success magazine.

When was the last time you backed up the computer(s) on which you depend?

Paid search market share held relatively stable in September, with Yahoo picking up one point of share from Google.

Larry Becker and I are speaking “at” EcomExpo next week.

Ken Leonard of Hacker Safe shares his thoughts on web security, vulnerability scanning, and security seals.

The “I Am Hungry” Facebook app sold on eBay for $20,100.

I’ll be speaking at the DMA 2007 Annual Show in October 13 – 18 at McCormick in Chicago. Use offer code AN302 to save $150 on registration.

Incredible paper folding video from MIT.

Martin Eisenstein will be speaking at the “Online Marketing Update @ Darden” on October 21 through 24 at UVA. He’s provided some excellent summaries of privacy law and gift certificate law, state by state.

PR is about relationships and tone, not spam.

Get perspectives from Patagonia and Wine Enthusiast in the September “Effective Website” column in Multichannel Merchant. increases its lobbying efforts, starting with web taxation.

Yep, the site that made tabs a ubiquitous e-commerce navigation convention is at least considering making them go away.
But of course, Amazon always used tabs incorrectly, anyway. Right?

Super Crunchers, by Ian Ayres, is a great book about the social implications of data mining and testing.

Larry Becker and I are speaking at OMW next week in San Francisco.

While The Times may be a bit late to acknowledge the full effect of search engines, blogs and social media on their business model, they’re happy to ask their readers to help them catch up.

A small efficiency idea: use Jott to capture notes after conference conversations.

Kevin Hillstrom just came out with a new book on multichannel analysis.

The long tail of search, examined. Excerpts from a longer post at SEL.

David Pasternack of Did-It argues that the reason 80% of companies are dissatisfied with their SEMs is that good service can’t be had without huge management fees. We say he’s wrong.

Hoffman and Novak launch a prediction market for online retail.

Three interesting random Google links, courtesy of Philipp Lenssen.