A while back I blogged on the in-source versus outsource decision with SEM. Today, I want to go into a bit more depth on what those choices mean.

A list of bloggers covering search and the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Linking to a post today I wrote over at Search Engine Land on year-to-date trends in PPC.

Voters are searching but candidates aren’t advertising: announcing the Search and Politics 2008 study.

We run an internal blog where all employees can post, and it is working well for us.

Congrats, Eddie and Judy. May you enjoy many years of health and happiness together.

Helpful info from PayPal: fake credit card numbers with valid checksums, good for test orders.

When testing, keep an eye on statistical significance.

Whether your next release is a nifty widget or a workmanlike Holiday Gifts page you’ll probably want to take a look at Google’s Best Practices for Social Design.

Three Google news items of note: Open Handset, Open Social, and Reader share.

In October, across our clients, Google picked up 3 points of ad spend share, reaching 79% share. Google’s gain came at Yahoo’s expense: Yahoo’s share fell from 19% in September to 16% in October. Microsoft held steady in distant third, maintaining a 5% share.

CoComment is a browser add-in that tracks responses to comments you leave on other people’s blogs.

Interesting free and/or open source alternatives for handling online meetings, videos, screenshots, and files.

Linking over to a Catalog Success article on PPC audits.

Seth Godin points to research by Steven Johnson comparing book sales success to book language complexity.

Back from TED in March: Blaise Aguera y Arcas’ PhotoSynth demo. Stunning technology from Microsoft Live Labs for building 3D models of the world from collections of regular snapshots.

Spam is so gosh darn obtuse these days.

Great talk from Jim Lecinski, Managing Director, Central Region, Google, on best practices for online marketing.

People are the intelligent, irrational, distracted and determined folks your site needs to serve for your business to succeed. Web Analytics 2.0 is all about people.

MarketMotive just came out of beta, and they’ve provided me some guest passes for a free month, each a $299 value. Drop a note if you’d like one.

Linking over to SEL post on Quality Score.

Online marketing is evolving so quickly, there typically isn’t time to engineer the “perfect process” out of the gate.

DMA Chicago, a dynamic mix of the old and the new.

Off topic: the light tunnel at the Detroit airport just makes me grin.

It was great to share ideas with the smart interesting folks on the OMW online merchandising panel in San Francisco last week. I’ve jotted down a few highlights from the session.