A study by SEMOZ concludes: “based on the evidence we’ve gathered here, it’s safe to say that no external metric, traffic prediction service or ranking system available on the web today provides any accuracy when compared with real numbers.”

Update from Jay Heavilon on the ARTS-NRF CSE initiative.

Barry Schwartz posts notes on new Yahoo platform.

Microsoft now offers the “LinkFromDomain:” operator, showing you all the outbound links from a domain.

Yahoo provides curious list of supposed “top-20″ misspellings.

Alternative energy is good for Google shareholders, good for the nation, and good for the environment.

RKG speaking and meeting at DMA Annual

If your company currently advertises using CSEs — or if your company is thinking about starting -– the ARTS-NRF CSE standardization effort will help you. Here are four steps to support this initiative.

Business Week outs a seemingly independent travel blog about the wonders of working at Walmart.

With all syndication and mashups of content with 2.0, writing straight-forward headlines matters.

Richard Tooker advocates establishing an additional holdout control panel of 50k customers who receive no marketing communication — ever.

Online bait-and-switch sequences destroy customer goodwill. The online ticket sellers like Orbitz, Expedia, and SideStep do this too often.

Ben Edelman on PPC Scams

Highlights from the Google/Yahoo/Microsoft panel at Annual, NYC, Wednesday, October 11, 2006. Brett Goffin, Google.
Diane Rinaldo, Yahoo.
Jason Dailey, Microsoft.

The annual conference in NYC this week is BIG. Great small shows become popular and grow into medium-sized shows. Medium and large shows can be great too, but they’re great in different ways.

“If you have $100k to spend on web analytics, buy a $10k package and hire a $90k analyst.”

Riya demos an interesting innovation in online retail: “show me more items that look like this one.”

Rumor from Threadwatch: Google to buy Facebook for $2.3B?

Standard data exchange formats designed to simplify online advertising were announced today in New York City at the annual convention of, the online division of the National Retail Federation. These standard formats will allow advertisers to send detailed product-level information to search engines more efficiently.

Google is buying YouTube for $1.65 billion.

While there’s no perfect software development methodology, if adopting a better methodology could offer even a slight improvement in a IT project’s likelihood of success and/or speed, that’s of interest to the online retail crowd.

Virtual worlds like Second Life may impact real business not too far in the future.

Dumb PPC bidding is easy. Smart PPC bidding is hard.

Todd Mailcoat on how to create a strong web presence, and how a strong web presence impacts SEO.

A9 drops some of its key search engine features, AP reports.