Riya relaunches under the brand — check it out.

David set off a storm of righteous indignation from those who work hard in the SEO space, but part of the reason for his rant and mine is the great preponderance of hokum out there that has been spewed by the not so hard-working, not-so ethical members of the SEO community.

A study looking at Google queries on Senate candidate names in swing elections (Allen, Brown, Burns, Casey, Chafee, Corker, Dewine, Ford, Kyl, Pederson, Santorum, Talent, Tester, and Webb) over this last weekend.

Google and 50 newspapers nationwide to announce a test program running auction-based newpaper ads.

Following the trail blazed by the MillionDollarHomePage, some hardworking MIT Course 16 students are selling ad space on the outside of their low-earth satellite to subsidize their project. Launch date is scheduled for 2010. RKG is proud to support this effort.

We’re honored three of our suggestions made the Catalog Success list of best tips of 2006.

Users, advertisers, and Google itself would be better served by bringing back the option for the old-style broad watch.

Inspiring post Whole Food’s President & Founder John Mackey, capping exec comp to 19 times average worker comp.

Real brands are marketing in Second Life. Brands like Nissan, Wells-Fargo, Adidas, Sun and Reuters. So maybe there is something there, or will be soon. Prokofy Neva offers 20 tips, and I offer 1 contest.

Wilson’s suggestion: allow users of a web app to decide where their data are stored.

I enjoyed being interviewed by Stephan Spencer of NetConcepts about online marketing earlier this week

Great post by Fred Wilson on the importance of blogging to corporate communication.

Eric Savitz over at Baron’s wrote a short provocative article yesterday. To whit: Y! could increase shareholder value by reverting to a Google affiliate.

George Michie on avoiding search hobgoblins: Is your search advertising program healthy? Are you getting as much out of it as you could? How do you know? If you outsource, is your SEM doing the job well?

Can Word Of Mouth Marketing be done well and done honestly?

I’ll be moderating and presenting the panel on “Business Issues For The Big SEM Shop” next month in Chicago at SES.

As the next step in promoting CSE feed standards, we’re having a retailer conference call next Weds November 1st 2006 at 2p EST. Thanks to David Dwek of Etronics for chairing this call.

Jawed Karim speaks on the origins of YouTube and on the history of web killer apps.

Google Librarian Center provides helpful pdf “Google tip sheets” for librarians.

HistoryCrumbs are a line of links atop a webpage showing the last 8 pages visited.

Google offers custom search service.

Prelaunch web organizer site presents itself through YouTube.

Ajax permits entire new online metaphors, and will revolutionize online retail. Four sites worth checking out for ideas: Allurent, YesNoMayB, Shopify, and Wufoo.

AdAge reports the Top 200 brands in terms of ad spend, who collectively spent $24.73 billion in media during the first half 0f ’06, up 9%. Internet spending among theTop 200 jumped 25.6%, to $1.65 billion. Among the 20 retailers in the Top 200, their online spend was up 152.3%.

Paul Graham examines traffic numbers from Alexa, Digg, Reddit, Delicious and finds the accuracy lacking.