Feb 142007

17 RSS Marketing Ideas

17 ideas for using RSS for online marketing:

* Search results. Allow users to sign up for a RSS feed of search results, like Ebay does.
* Product availability. On out-of-stock products, let users subscribe to a feed to know when the item is available again.
* Price changes. For each product page, let users subscribe to a feed letting them know when the item price changes.
* New products. Let users subscribe to new product announcements. The Apple Mac store does this nicely.
* Press releases. Let press and investors subscribe to company news, like SAP does.
* Job openings. Use RSS to help your HR department fill vacancies. O'Reilly is doing it.
* Weather cancellations. Let people know of schedule changes due to weather, like Albemarle County VA public schools.
* On the road. Use RSS to keep your fans aware of when and where your brand will be on the road. Ozzy Ozborne does.
* Product how-to's and tips. Publish tips and how-tos via RSS, just like PC World.
* User comments. Allow users to subscribe to comments, like Digg does.
* Rebates. Use RSS to provide rebate information, like FreeAfterRebates.
* Consumables. For consumables, offer a RSS reminder service. Time to buy more pet vitamins. Time to replace the air filters.
* User product photos. ThinkGeek lets users subscribe to photo feeds from other users.
* Industry news. Use RSS to share news about your industry with your customers, like Webtrends does.
* Partner Offers. Team up with other retailers offering complementary products. Offer users a feed of deals and coupons from the consortium.
* Official company blog. Offer your official company messages via RSS, like Google does.
* Employee blogs. Let your employees talk to your customers via blogs, like Sun does.

What other interesting uses of RSS have you seen? What other cool uses can you imagine?


3 Responses to "17 RSS Marketing Ideas "
How about an RSS autoresponder that works just like an email autoresponder. Preloaded with your step by step walk thru of your product, promotion or free mini course an RSS autoresponder would provide the same functionality as email but deliver it to rss readers instead. - Chris Lang
Chris -- So you'd generate a unique feed for each subscriber, yes? Do you have any success stories of marketers using your service? Interesting! Cheers -- Alan


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[...] Come on, folks. RSS isn’t hard. The “R” and the first “S” in “RSS” stand for “Really Simple”, and the name is accurate. RSS is easier to implement than email. Most retailers should be able to develop RSS marketing programs using in-house IT resources. (We’ve worked up a laundry list of interesting marketing uses of RSS; we’ll get that posted later this week.) [...]

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