Jun 22011

+1 Button is out

Google has rolled out the +1 button for web pages.

This will be a much more effective signal for SEO and PPC ranking algorithms than the SERP link buttons. As we noted previously, it's hard to imagine folks favoring a page that they haven't yet visited, or going back to favor it after the fact. Having the +1 on the page is much better all around.

Matt McGee points out that there is still some wonkiness in the implementation, but undoubtedly, they'll iron out those kinks.

This will not be a flash-in-the-pan. This is here to stay. There is tremendous incentive for webmasters to play ball, and if the barrier of building a Google Network can be reduced, it might even make for a better user experience.

Don't be the last kid on your block to get one!


6 Responses to "+1 Button is out"
Liz R says:
Can you give a sample url or search query where we can see the plus one in action? Thanks very much.
Hi Liz, you have to have a Google account, create a Google Profile -- remarkably similar to other profile pages you may have -- and be logged in to see the plus-ones on SERPs and now pages. That may change. Somehow, they have to get folks to establish profiles and convince them that they need another social network.
Jim Moore says:
Hi George, I agree with you, will they go back to the search listing and click on the +1 logo? I dug a little deeper and just like the "like" button we can put the +1 on our websites. Take a look at these links http://www.google.com/webmasters/+1/button/index.html http://code.google.com/apis/+1button/ Thanks Jim
Thanks Jim, yes in my muddled way that's what this post was supposed to announce. The on-page +1 button makes sense.
Tikyd says:
I too think that a +1 from different users could mean more than links generated by a single person towards his/her site. However, the success of this feature in terms of selecting the more pleasing pages to users could be dependent on how Google is able to keep up with softwares created in the IM industry. Personally, I don't know if the +1 feature is something that cannot be tampered with. Nonetheless, I see it more as a like button, but for Google. Would you agree?
Yes, I think it will be possible to game the social signals as well.

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