Feb 08 2016

Merkle's 3rd Annual Digital Bowl Report Released

We are excited to announce the release of the 3rd edition of the Merkle Digital Bowl Report for download. This report pits Super Bowl television advertisers against each other in judging which brands made the most of their investment through digital amplification in paid search, email, SEO, display advertising, and social media.
Feb 02 2016

Broad Match Modifiers: A Big Difference Between Bing and AdWords You May Not be Aware Of

There's a huge difference in how Google and Bing define which search queries can match to Broad Match Modifier keywords that could be impacting your paid search performance.
Jan 26 2016

Merkle Digital Marketing Report: Q4 2015 Released

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of the Merkle Q4 2015 Digital Marketing Report. This report highlights trends and changes in the digital marketing space, providing data and commentary across paid search, SEO, display advertising, social media and more.
Jan 15 2016

Google Product Listing Ads Live in Image Search

Google began showing PLAs in image searches on phones for advertisers with PLA campaigns opted into the search partner network in December.
Jan 07 2016

Merkle|RKG and the Oregon Natural Desert Association Fence Pull

Read about Merkle|RKG's work with the Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA) to protect the Badlands Wilderness.
Dec 18 2015

A Guide to Measuring In-Store Purchases Tied to Online Advertising

Learn about the tools available to digital marketers that can help provide visibility into the offline spillover of online interactions.
Dec 16 2015

Top 5 Takeaways from Google's Search Quality Guidelines and What They Mean for SEO

We analyzed Google’s newest Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines to identify the top 5 biggest takeaways and how they can improve your SEO strategy.
Dec 09 2015

Four Things You Should Know About AdWords Location Targeting for Search

There’s a lot to know about how geographic targets work in Google which can impact how advertisers go about optimizing for differences in value by geography. Here are a few things to look out for.
Dec 04 2015

Google Upgrades In-Store Visit Data to Populate at the Ad Group and Keyword Levels

Google recently announced an update to its in-store visits tracking which will allow advertisers to view the estimated number of store visits tied to paid search clicks at the ad group and keyword levels, a huge upgrade for the product.
Dec 03 2015

Video: The Current State of Organic Search Growth

Organic search visit growth is on the decline, but why? Signs point to significant changes coming out of the Google camp. Find out what changes have been made and how they impact SERPs, in this video from Merkle|RKG.
Dec 02 2015

Fundamentals of SEO Reporting: Crafting the Most Effective Message for Your Audience

Gaining an understanding of your audience, your purpose for communication, and how to build an effective story with data will help to optimize your SEO deliverables.
Dec 01 2015

Merkle RKG 2015 Cyber Weekend Search Marketing Recap

Merkle RKG results over the past week point to a strong showing for Cyber Weekend online this year as retailers’ year-over-year sales growth picked up significantly from early Q4 levels and from the growth levels they saw just ahead of Thanksgiving Day. Last year, the five days from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday produced 29% of the sales retailers generated from search ads over Thanksgiving through Christmas and we may top that number in 2015, as consumers have increasingly front-loaded their holiday purchases over Cyber Weekend.
Nov 18 2015

Merkle|RKG 2015 Cyber Weekend Search Marketing Preview Report Released

Today we are excited to release the first ever Merkle|RKG Cyber Weekend Search Marketing Preview Report for download. This special holiday-focused report includes detailed trends and analyses to provide retailers with important final context before the busy holiday shopping season kicks off in earnest this week.
Nov 18 2015

eBay Commerce Network Launches Bid Groups Beta to Help Advertisers Bid Effectively

In an effort to create a more merchant-friendly marketplace, eBay Commerce Network (ECN) recently announced the launch of a tool called Bid Groups that allows advertisers to apply new levels of granularity to their bidding strategy for eBay Product Ads.
Nov 11 2015

Yahoo Announces Release of Products Ads Format for Search & Display

Today, Yahoo formally announced the release of Yahoo Product Ads, a new solution aimed at giving advertisers the ability to create and serve product image-based ads across Yahoo search and display. Here’s what advertisers can expect in terms of search and display capabilities.
Nov 10 2015

Combining Audience and Intent in Search with Customer Match

Being able to leverage Google's new Customer Match product now can give you an advantage over your competitors by helping you further maximize the value of your search dollar spend.
Nov 04 2015

Bing Moves to Show Product Ads on Mobile, Impact Likely Limited for Advertisers

Bing announced last week that they would begin showing Product Ads on mobile Bing searches, which couldn’t come at a better time for advertisers looking to get more out of this already quickly growing format during the holidays. However, we expect the overall impact to be slight at first for a few reasons.
Oct 26 2015

HTTP/2: Electric Boogaloo

Interest in HTTP/2 and what it means for SEO is on the rise. Here are some observations on the changes this protocol introduces and their potential impact.
Oct 20 2015

Merkle|RKG Digital Marketing Report: Q3 2015 Released

We are excited to announce the release of Merkle RKG’s Q3 Digital Marketing Report for download today. As always, the report offers in depth analysis of trends impacting paid search, SEO, comparison shopping engines, display advertising, and other areas spanning the digital marketing spectrum.
Oct 16 2015

The China Opportunity: Merkle Becomes Baidu's First US-Headquartered Reseller

As a marketer, China must be on your radar. Not only as a producer of goods but as a massive consumer of goods and services. Within the digital realm, much of this commerce flows through Baidu, which is why we’re so excited at Merkle to offer new services to help brands get up and running on what is China’s largest search engine (and so much more).
Oct 01 2015

Amazon Text Ads Program to be Discontinued

Almost as soon as it was officially launched, the Amazon Text Ads program is being discontinued. According to an email advertisers received this afternoon, Amazon will shut down their text ad program effective October 31st, 2015, the same day that they will discontinue Amazon Product Ads.
Sep 28 2015

Google Announces Customer Match Program to Bring Email Address-Powered Ad Targeting to Search, YouTube and Gmail

Google has announced Customer Match, a program that allows advertisers to segment and target Google search, Gmail and YouTube ads to users via first-party lists of email addresses that the advertiser has collected and that Google can match to its users.
Sep 21 2015 Takes Off In Google Shopping, Impression Share Climbs

Jet’s Google Shopping impression share in several verticals has steadily increased since their late summer launch. What does this mean for advertisers?
Sep 17 2015

Merkle|RKG and the Boys & Girls Club Cycling Challenge

This past Sunday marked what has become an annual company tradition: the Boys & Girls Club of Central VA Cycling Challenge. Most are familiar with the Boys & Girls Club mission to provide at-risk youth with a safe place to learn & grow through a variety of life-enhancing programs.
Sep 16 2015

Considerations for Paid Search Budget, Holiday 2015 and Beyond

In diving into the impact of paid search and your strategy surrounding it, there are two important themes to consider: being present in the different moments your consumers are using their devices, and properly measuring the value driven by ads.