Management Team

  • gallate_150
    George Gallate

    Chief Executive Officer
    George brings to RKG visionary leadership, intelligence, energy and innovative thinking about “intent marketing.” Continue reading

  • michie
    George Michie

    Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Scientist
    George helped develop RKG’s proprietary technology platform and continues to play a role in its evolution. He is a widely acknowledged thought-leader in online marketing. Continue reading

  • audette
    Adam Audette

    Chief Knowledge Officer
    Adam contributes to the strategic direction of RKG’s paid and organic search marketing services, as well as the creation of new initiatives. Adam also drives the development of proprietary SEO toolsets and business development opportunities, while overseeing client strategy. Continue reading

  • johnson
    Dean M. Johnson

    Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer
    Dean seeks out opportunities for RKG to expand its service offerings and strategic partnerships. Continue reading

  • DLD150-2013
    Dalton Dorne

    Chief Marketing Officer
    As RKG’s Chief Marketing Officer, Dalton oversees all integrated marketing and PR efforts with a focus on lead generation. Continue reading

  • mierzejewski
    Matthew Mierzejewski

    Executive Vice President of Client Service & Delivery
    Matt leads a team responsible for all of RKG’s client service operations, including Paid Search, SEO, Social Media, PLAs, Display, and CSE Feed Management. Continue reading

  • wilson
    Paul Wilson

    Executive Vice President of Client Development
    An industry veteran, Paul is responsible for leading RKG’s business development initiatives. Continue reading

  • miller
    John Miller

    Executive Vice President of IT
    John leads a team of Developers and Senior Developers tasked with ensuring that everyone at RKG has the tools necessary to serve the needs of our clients. Continue reading

  • gibson
    Ryan Gibson

    Executive Vice President, Marketing Strategy
    Ryan is responsible for the sales and marketing strategy activity for RKG, as well as facilitating networking between RKG and the industry. Continue reading

  • pennio
    Karen Pennio

    Vice President of Finance
    Karen is responsible for executing all of the company’s internal and external reporting as well as ensuring that these documents comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Continue reading

  • dgibson
    David Gibson

    Director of Operations
    Dave is responsible for planning and managing the real estate requirements, major infrastructure and operational services as well as negotiating third party contractual relationships for RKG. Continue reading

  • dkennedy
    David Kennedy

    VP, Social, Content Display and CSEs
    David is charged with developing and expanding RKG’s service offerings utilizing RKG’s data driven approach to meet our clients marketing goals. Continue reading

  • schnorr
    Rachel Schnorr

    VP of Paid Search

    Rachel is responsible for overseeing the growth and development of the Paid Search department and works closely with the PPC Directors to maintain high levels of client service, performance results and thought leadership.
    Continue reading

  • attila
    Attila Szabo, PhD

    Vice President of Software Development
    Attila is in charge of a team of Developers and Senior Developers that create and maintain RKG’s suite of software tools. Continue reading

  • akennedy
    Ashley Kennedy

    Senior Director of PPC

    Ashley is responsible for on-boarding new accounts to the PPC team. She works closely with account teams to ensure a smooth transition from previous programs to RKG’s management.
    Continue reading

  • koch
    Paul Koch

    Senior Director, Paid Search

    Paul is responsible for planning and strategic support for the PPC team. He works closely with Team Leaders to provide guidance and assist in training on internal technologies and new industry offerings.
    Continue reading

  • jody-odonnell
    Jody O’Donnell

    SEO Technical Director
    Jody is responsible for overseeing technical SEO strategy and efficiently scaling large SEO campaigns and processes. Continue reading

  • mu
    Michelle Alfano

    Director, Display Management
    Michelle works to develop display partnerships for RKG’s clients as well as fine-tune some of RKG’s best practices for display initiatives. Continue reading

  • barberio
    Joy Barberio

    Director of Training
    Joy develops and coordinates the training programs for all of RKG’s services. Continue reading

  • ballard
    Mark Ballard

    Director of Research
    As Director of Research, Mark is responsible for helping drive RKG’s thought leadership through leading-edge articles, discussions and data analyses. Continue reading

  • rankin-brent150
    Brent Rankin

    SEO Team Director
    As SEO Team Director, Brent’s primary object is to ensure the overall quality of SEO services provided to RKG clients. Continue reading

  • jamey-barlow
    Jamey Barlow

    SEO Team Director
    Jamey’s primary objective is to ensure the overall quality of SEO services provided to our clients. Continue reading

  • JNegrau-150
    John Negrau

    Director, Content Strategy & Engagement
    As the Director of Content Strategy and Engagement, John Negrau ensures all off-page visibility efforts follow best practices for RKG clients. Continue reading

  • at
    Alex Turowski

    Director, Paid Search
    Alex is responsible for the account performance and relationships of a number of clients. Continue reading

  • oklesson
    Stephen Oklesson

    Marketing Strategy Director
    Stephen is responsible for leading the Marketing Strategy group and works closely with RKG’s Sales and Client Service teams. Continue reading

  • chen
    Kearby Chen

    Marketing Strategy Director
    Kearby is responsible for leading the Marketing Strategy group and works closely with RKG’s Sales and Client Service teams. Continue reading

  • megan-geiss
    Megan Geiss

    Marketing Strategy Director
    Megan is responsible for leading the Marketing Strategy group and works closely with RKG’s Sales and Client Service teams. Continue reading

  • bowman
    Todd Bowman

    Director, CSEs & Feeds
    Todd is responsible for leading RKG’s Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) and Feed Management team. He works closely with his team to ensure that RKG’s CSE and Feed clients receive industry-leading service through proper feed optimization and management. Continue reading

  • kristan-dauble
    Kristan Dauble

    Director of SEO Knowledge
    Kristan is involved with knowledge and informational management within the SEO department. Kristan helps to establish and refine SEO processes for client teams, including institutionalizing scalable SEO solutions and methodologies. Continue reading

  • aprk
    Alan Rimm-Kaufman, PhD (1968 – 2009)

    Alan Rimm-Kaufman founded the Rimm-Kaufman Group in 2003. In 2008, RKG was named to Inc. Magazine’s list of the Top 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. Continue reading