Merkle | RKG (Rimm-Kaufman Group) was founded by direct-marketing veterans Alan Rimm-Kaufman and George Michie in 2003. Having seen the emergence and spectacular growth of paid search at Crutchfield, Alan had the idea that not many companies could pull together the marketing acumen, statistical sophistication, and IT demands to do this well in-house and seized the opportunity for entrepreneurship. A different kind of agency was born.

Founded as a paid search specialty firm, Merkle | RKG has expanded its offerings to accommodate client demands, and make fuller use of our skill evaluating data, our marketing experience, and our penchant for technology development.

Merkle | RKG is built around 4 key principles:

Marketing done well is a data-driven discipline. Whether for branding or directly measurable ROI, both sophisticated math and savvy humans are required for success at the highest levels.

Pursuing the client’s objectives exclusively, regardless of the impact on our revenues, will lead to a successful business. Many agencies try to convince their clients to spend more than is wise in order to push their own top line. We don’t.

Marketing analysts must have access to and the ability to use the raw data in order to do their jobs well. Reporting interfaces are useful, but only go so far. Great analysts must know SQL and have very strong math skills to interpret and act upon complex data. Our hiring and training processes are unlike any in the industry.

The data analysts must be client-facing. Great analysts need to understand the whole account to do their jobs well.

Building around these core principles, Merkle|RKG has grown (Inc 500 #315 in 2008, Inc 500 #536 in 2009) without aggressive sales tactics, relying instead on client retention, client referrals and industry thought leadership to grow our business. Merkle | RKG has the highest client retention rates and strongest analysts in the business.