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news 07/10/2013

Enhanced Campaigns Having Only Minor Impact on Overall Trends

RKG, a leading full-service digital marketing agency, released its Digital Marketing Report covering the second quarter of 2013 today.   Across its client base, which includes over 40 of the top 500 online retailers, RKG found that Google search spending grew nearly 18% year over year as average cost per click rose 10%.

While many industry watchers are expecting Google’s new Enhanced Campaign model to bolster the search giant’s growth by driving up mobile competition and click costs, RKG results suggest the impacts of the change have been minor to date for larger advertisers.

According to RKG Director of Research, Mark Ballard, “Smartphone CPCs did gain ground on desktop in the second quarter, but that only contributed about one percentage point to Google’s total growth in click costs.”

Looking ahead, Ballard noted “While there may be increased volatility over the next month as the mandatory transition date for Enhanced Campaigns passes, there’s no reason to believe a smartphone click will suddenly become much more valuable.  Advertisers will need to keep their CPCs in check in order to keep hitting their ROI targets.”

Although smartphone traffic continues to be a net drag on total CPC growth, with average click costs 40% lower than desktop, it is still providing a large lift to total paid search click and spending growth.  While desktop clicks were down 7% year over year in Q2, smartphone clicks rose 179% and tablet clicks rose 115%.

Mobile Devices Generating a Wide Range in Value for Advertisers

RKG’s data on the average revenue per click generated for different mobile devices offers insight into why smartphone CPCs remain well below those for traditional computers and offers a compelling counterpoint to the notion of device convergence.

As a group, smartphones generated an average revenue per click (RPC) that was 78% lower than desktops.  Even within the tablet device class, RPC exhibited a high degree of variance across specific models in Q2.  Clicks by shoppers using the iPad were over twice as valuable as clicks from shoppers using the Kindle Fire.

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news 05/08/2013

Charlottesville-based Children Youth and Family Services honored four people and two employers Wednesday with the agency’s John L. Snook Child Advocate Award and the Mitch van Yahres Family Friendly Employer Award.  RKG was one of those employers.  You can read the full story here: CYFS Award

news 05/02/2013

RKG’s Chief Knowledge Officer was recently interviewed at SES NY for OMReport. See the full video here:

news 04/19/2013

RKG’s Chief Knowledge Officer, Adam Audette, was recently interviewed by iACQUIRE as part of their lunch break series.  See Adam speak on his unique role, e-commerce, his experience at Zappos, why ‘old SEO is the best’, and much more by clicking here!

news 04/18/2013

RKG’s recent blog post on International SEO Strategy for Travel was covered by Hotel News Resource ( See the original blog post here: International SEO Strategy for Travel.

news 04/09/2013

Advertisers Increase Their Mobile Spending 171% to Reach Growing Tablet and Smartphone Market

RKG, a leading full-service digital marketing agency, released its Digital Marketing Report covering the first quarter of 2013 today.   The report found consumers used tablets and smartphones to conduct 25% of their online searches in Q1, a notable post-holiday uptick from the 20% level RKG observed for the previous quarter.

For the first time, RKG found search traffic for desktop and laptops declined year over year, with clicks down 0.7%.  However, as consumers have shifted their searches to tablets and smartphones, total click growth remained robust at 15%.

In order to reach this rapidly growing audience, advertisers have increased their spending on tablet and smartphone search ads by a combined 171% on a year over year basis.  Tablet investment was up 162%, while smartphone spending increased 190%. Overall, search spending increased 24% in Q1, with mobile cost-per-click continuing to close the gap with desktops.

Shoppers Using Tablets to Buy, But Not at Same Rates as Computers

Although more consumers are moving toward shopping with tablet devices, tablets generated 15% lower revenue per click than traditional desktops and laptops.  Once a high-converting demographic, the value of tablet traffic has fallen as lower-priced Android models have gained traffic share, but generate a revenue per click that is less than half that of the iPad. More »

news 03/24/2013

Get to know RKG’s Chief Knowledge Officer, Adam Audette, in this interview titled “SEO, Parental Wisdom, & Mountain Lions! Exploring the Spectrum of Adam Audette.”

news 03/07/2013

MediaPost covers RKG’s video of new CEO, George Gallate, and how RKG is digging deeper into Social:

news 02/13/2013

“Recent research from RKG has indicated that the Yahoo Bing Network continues to take away market share from Google, as Bing recently pointed out to us, noting that Bing Ads have gained paid search spend share from Google four quarters in a row.”…

Read more from ‘Yahoo Is Not Pleased With Its Microsoft Search Deal’ on WebProNews here:

‘According to a recent report from RKG:“In late 2012, Bing Ads finally seemed to be hitting its stride. Bing’s expanded ad matching capabilities are now delivering quality traffic to advertisers at much greater rates” and “Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to bring Bing Ads’ core functionality more in line with AdWords have made it easier to manage both programs, reducing barriers to entry for smaller advertisers.”…

Read more from the Bing Ads Community Forum here: Bing Ads Forum – Positive Momentum.

news 02/07/2013

RKG’s Mark Ballard is quoted in today’s article on Search Engine Land: “We love to dig into our performance data to find those niche segments that perform differently and then act upon that information,” he said. “iPad users are different from Android tablet users and we see that in the numbers. Unfortunately, it looks like we will not have that level of control or some of the other functionality we’d like to have with the initial launch of Enhanced Campaigns.”

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