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news 10/27/2013

RKG’s Giving Back Committee had a very busy October, and Charlottesville’s Newsplex (CBS 19, ABC 16, Fox 27) covered two great stories about their projects.

First, RKG held a canned dog food drive for the SPCA. (Newplex RKG/SPCA coverage)

RKG also held a Halloween party for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. (Newsplex RKG/BBBS coverage)

news 10/24/2013

Top 10 Job Creator in Virginia

Inc. magazine’s Hire Power Awards recognizes America’s leading job creators

 New York, NY (October 24, 2013) – Search and digital marketing agency, RKG, ranked among the top job creators in the advertising & marketing industry in the US – and is the highest ranking full-service search and digital agency in the 2nd annual Inc. Hire Power Awards, recognizing the private businesses that have generated the most jobs in the past three years.

RKG generated a 56% increase in jobs from January 1st, 2012 to June 30th 2013, placing it among the top private business job creators within the advertising & marketing industry, as well as being a top 10 job creator in Virginia – ranking #8 in the state. Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, RKG hired over 73 people during the eligibility period.

This year, RKG was named the fastest-growing search agency by Advertising Age and experienced over 80% growth in 2012. The agency continues to grow and is now hiring:

“RKG helps clients get discovered in a digital world,” said George Gallate, CEO of RKG. “Working with more of the IR Top 500 retailers than any other digital marketing agency, we have built our reputation by building their businesses – we’re smart people, working with proprietary technology. While we’re proud of our business growth and the results we achieve for clients – we’re most proud to be a top US job creator.” 

RKG is among the 437 private growth companies that are HIRE POWER AWARDS honorees, leading the way in creating more American jobs.

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news 10/09/2013

RKG Makes Recommendations for Marketers Heading into Q4

RKG, a leading search and digital marketing agency, today released its Digital Marketing Report covering the third quarter of 2013. Across its client base, which includes over 40 of the top 500 online retailers, RKG found that Google search spending growth was stable at 18% year-over-year, despite advertisers reducing average smartphone cost per click (CPC) in conjunction with the transition to Google’s new Enhanced Campaign model.

RKG has consistently shown a wide range in the value of ad clicks across device types, with smartphones generating an average revenue per click that was 74% lower than desktops in Q3.  Utilizing RKG’s upgraded proprietary Adaptive Bid Management technology, and taking advantage of Enhanced Campaigns’ improved ability to capture long-tail traffic, RKG advertisers were able to hit more demanding ROI targets for mobile, while maintaining traffic levels.

For the full third quarter, tablets and smartphones combined to generate 30% of search ad clicks, up from 28% in the prior quarter.  With smartphone CPCs reduced from 60% of desktop levels to 35%, mobile spending share was flat from Q2 to Q3 at 24%.

While mobile continues to drive the bulk of search volume growth, with smartphone and tablet spending up 66% and 79% Y/Y on Google respectively, advertisers reinvested gains from their mobile ROI improvement back into desktop, which saw spending growth jump from 1% in Q2 to 10% in Q3.

As marketers head into the all-important holiday season, relevant learnings are to:

  1. Revisit your mobile strategy to invest smartly. New mobile opportunities with Enhanced Campaigns are paying off but you must adjust your strategy to capture better performing mobile traffic.
  2. Have an air-tight Product Listing Ad (PLA) strategy. If you’re a retailer and are not leveraging PLAs, you should be. In Q3 alone, Google PLAs drove 35% of non-brand search clicks.
  3. With Google’s change to secure search, query data is becoming entirely “not provided”. This comes at a critical time for marketers, find solutions – like RKG Blueprint – that can help surface “not provided” query data and help continue to inform your SEO strategy.

For more findings, download the full report at:

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news 10/01/2013

RKG’s Chief Knowledge Officer Adam Audette recently contributed to an ebook titled SEO Experts Reveal the Truth About Marketing.  Read more here: SEO Experts Ebook

news 08/20/2013

RKG has made the 2013 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in America. At #1889, RKG has a 201% 3-year growth and ranks at #199 for Advertising & Marketing industry companies making the list. You can find the full list here: 2013 Inc. 5000 Full List.

INC 500 Coverage:
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news 07/10/2013

Enhanced Campaigns Having Only Minor Impact on Overall Trends

RKG, a leading full-service digital marketing agency, released its Digital Marketing Report covering the second quarter of 2013 today.   Across its client base, which includes over 40 of the top 500 online retailers, RKG found that Google search spending grew nearly 18% year over year as average cost per click rose 10%.

While many industry watchers are expecting Google’s new Enhanced Campaign model to bolster the search giant’s growth by driving up mobile competition and click costs, RKG results suggest the impacts of the change have been minor to date for larger advertisers.

According to RKG Director of Research, Mark Ballard, “Smartphone CPCs did gain ground on desktop in the second quarter, but that only contributed about one percentage point to Google’s total growth in click costs.”

Looking ahead, Ballard noted “While there may be increased volatility over the next month as the mandatory transition date for Enhanced Campaigns passes, there’s no reason to believe a smartphone click will suddenly become much more valuable.  Advertisers will need to keep their CPCs in check in order to keep hitting their ROI targets.”

Although smartphone traffic continues to be a net drag on total CPC growth, with average click costs 40% lower than desktop, it is still providing a large lift to total paid search click and spending growth.  While desktop clicks were down 7% year over year in Q2, smartphone clicks rose 179% and tablet clicks rose 115%.

Mobile Devices Generating a Wide Range in Value for Advertisers

RKG’s data on the average revenue per click generated for different mobile devices offers insight into why smartphone CPCs remain well below those for traditional computers and offers a compelling counterpoint to the notion of device convergence.

As a group, smartphones generated an average revenue per click (RPC) that was 78% lower than desktops.  Even within the tablet device class, RPC exhibited a high degree of variance across specific models in Q2.  Clicks by shoppers using the iPad were over twice as valuable as clicks from shoppers using the Kindle Fire.

Download the full report at:
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news 05/08/2013

Charlottesville-based Children Youth and Family Services honored four people and two employers Wednesday with the agency’s John L. Snook Child Advocate Award and the Mitch van Yahres Family Friendly Employer Award.  RKG was one of those employers.  You can read the full story here: CYFS Award

news 05/02/2013

RKG’s Chief Knowledge Officer was recently interviewed at SES NY for OMReport. See the full video here:

news 04/19/2013

RKG’s Chief Knowledge Officer, Adam Audette, was recently interviewed by iACQUIRE as part of their lunch break series.  See Adam speak on his unique role, e-commerce, his experience at Zappos, why ‘old SEO is the best’, and much more by clicking here!

news 04/18/2013

RKG’s recent blog post on International SEO Strategy for Travel was covered by Hotel News Resource ( See the original blog post here: International SEO Strategy for Travel.