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news 04/19/2013

RKG’s Chief Knowledge Officer, Adam Audette, was recently interviewed by iACQUIRE as part of their lunch break series.  See Adam speak on his unique role, e-commerce, his experience at Zappos, why ‘old SEO is the best’, and much more by clicking here!

news 04/18/2013

RKG’s recent blog post on International SEO Strategy for Travel was covered by Hotel News Resource ( See the original blog post here: International SEO Strategy for Travel.

news 04/09/2013

Advertisers Increase Their Mobile Spending 171% to Reach Growing Tablet and Smartphone Market

RKG, a leading full-service digital marketing agency, released its Digital Marketing Report covering the first quarter of 2013 today.   The report found consumers used tablets and smartphones to conduct 25% of their online searches in Q1, a notable post-holiday uptick from the 20% level RKG observed for the previous quarter.

For the first time, RKG found search traffic for desktop and laptops declined year over year, with clicks down 0.7%.  However, as consumers have shifted their searches to tablets and smartphones, total click growth remained robust at 15%.

In order to reach this rapidly growing audience, advertisers have increased their spending on tablet and smartphone search ads by a combined 171% on a year over year basis.  Tablet investment was up 162%, while smartphone spending increased 190%. Overall, search spending increased 24% in Q1, with mobile cost-per-click continuing to close the gap with desktops.

Shoppers Using Tablets to Buy, But Not at Same Rates as Computers

Although more consumers are moving toward shopping with tablet devices, tablets generated 15% lower revenue per click than traditional desktops and laptops.  Once a high-converting demographic, the value of tablet traffic has fallen as lower-priced Android models have gained traffic share, but generate a revenue per click that is less than half that of the iPad. More »

news 03/24/2013

Get to know RKG’s Chief Knowledge Officer, Adam Audette, in this interview titled “SEO, Parental Wisdom, & Mountain Lions! Exploring the Spectrum of Adam Audette.”

news 03/07/2013

MediaPost covers RKG’s video of new CEO, George Gallate, and how RKG is digging deeper into Social:

news 02/13/2013

“Recent research from RKG has indicated that the Yahoo Bing Network continues to take away market share from Google, as Bing recently pointed out to us, noting that Bing Ads have gained paid search spend share from Google four quarters in a row.”…

Read more from ‘Yahoo Is Not Pleased With Its Microsoft Search Deal’ on WebProNews here:

‘According to a recent report from RKG:“In late 2012, Bing Ads finally seemed to be hitting its stride. Bing’s expanded ad matching capabilities are now delivering quality traffic to advertisers at much greater rates” and “Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to bring Bing Ads’ core functionality more in line with AdWords have made it easier to manage both programs, reducing barriers to entry for smaller advertisers.”…

Read more from the Bing Ads Community Forum here: Bing Ads Forum – Positive Momentum.

news 02/07/2013

RKG’s Mark Ballard is quoted in today’s article on Search Engine Land: “We love to dig into our performance data to find those niche segments that perform differently and then act upon that information,” he said. “iPad users are different from Android tablet users and we see that in the numbers. Unfortunately, it looks like we will not have that level of control or some of the other functionality we’d like to have with the initial launch of Enhanced Campaigns.”

Read the entire article here:

news 01/31/2013

In WebProNews’ article “Bing About To Get Google-Like Product Listing Ads,” Chris Crum covers RKG finding Bing’s Product Listing Ad testing last summer.  Find the full article here:

news 01/25/2013

Adam Audette, RKG’s Chief Knowledge Officer, is covered in many recent publications, giving tips and talking big SEO wins.  Read Adam’s interviews in the following:

Predictions & Tips for 2013 –

Treehouse Blog – 9 SEO Leaders Reveal Most Significant Wins –

SearchFest interview –

news 01/16/2013

Tablets and Smartphones Driving Most of Advertisers’ Volume Growth

RKG|Rimm-Kaufman Group released its latest Digital Marketing Report covering the fourth quarter of 2012 today.  The report found mobile traffic share reaching 20% of search overall, with volume split nearly evenly between smartphones and tablets.

Facing stiff holiday competition, iOS devices saw their share of mobile traffic slip slightly from quarter to quarter, but still held a commanding 73% share of mobile paid clicks in Q4.  Due to the growth of mobile segment overall, iOS’ share of total paid clicks grew from 12% in Q3 to 14% in Q4.

Over the course of the quarter, the iPad’s share of tablet traffic declined from 88% to just over 84%.  Kindle Fire models held a 5% share at the end of Q4, but delivered a 54% lower ROI to advertisers than the iPad.  Windows 8 tablets failed to gain much traction, with less than 1% of tablet traffic.

All told, tablet spending increased 189% year-over-year, smartphone spending rose 178%, and desktop spending was up 11% among the RKG client base, which includes over 40 of the top 500 internet retailers.  Tablet spending was nearly double that for smartphones due to higher average cost-per-click (CPC).

Within paid search, average cost-per-click for tablets edged up relative to desktop, with the two nearly reaching parity for the quarter.  Smartphone CPCs showed similar movement, but remained 48% lower than those for desktop.

RKG finds Google poised to benefit the most from improvements in mobile CPCs among search engines, as Google generated nearly 27% of its organic searches from mobile devices in Q4.  Yahoo’s mobile share hit 19%, while Bing was a distant third with just 6%.

Although mobile still proved to be a net drag on year-over-year CPC growth,   Google managed to turn around its four quarter streak of CPC declines in Q4 as it faced weaker year ago comps.  Google CPCs increased 3% as its ad clicks rose 14%, leading to a 19% increase in spending.

Bing and Yahoo search spending growth was particularly strong at 54%, as clicks rose 39% and CPCs were 11% higher.  Bing Ads faced weak 2011 comps that showed negative growth, and it had made strides throughout the year to improve its once restrictive ad serving logic.  Bing Ads has gained paid search spend share from Google in each of the last four quarters. 

The full RKG report offers nearly 40 charts with additional insights and analysis on paid search, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, comparison shopping engines, multi-channel attribution and more.

Among their published fourth quarter results, RKG found:

  • Paid search spending rose 23% year over year in Q4 on an 18% increase in traffic and 4% increase in CPC.  This was a slight deceleration from Q3 volume growth, while average CPC rebounded from a 5% decline in Q3.
  • Google Product Listing Ads generated 28% of Google non-brand clicks in Q4.  PLA CPCs remained 26% lower than CPCs for competitive text ads.
  • iOS 6 defaulting to secure search resulted in 10% of organic search traffic being seen as direct by analytics packages.  81% of iOS 6 visits did not pass a referrer.
  • iPad delivered 7.3% of visits, followed by the iPhone at 6.7% and Android devices at 5.2%.
  • Facebook remained the dominant source of referral traffic among social domains in Q4, delivering 7.4% of referrals.  Pinterest was second with an average share of 3.6%.
  • CPMs for the Facebook Exchange were less than half those of the average display ad.  Revenue Per Click was 25% higher.
  • Comparison Shopping spending increased 14% Y/Y in Q4, excluding costs associated with Google PLAs.
  • Amazon Product Ads commanded 25% of CSE spend and were the largest traffic driver among paid engines.
  • Holiday shoppers had an average of 4.3 marketing touches per order in Q4, up from 3.5 in Q3.  At the same time, however, 75% of orders involved touches from just a single channel.

Update: Media Coverage of RKG’s Q4 2012 Digital Marketing Report
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